Updated: April 03, 2023
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We have paper jammed in a cannon TS 5050

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If the jammed paper tears and you cannot remove the paper either from the paper output slot or from the rear tray, or if the jammed paper remains inside the printer, first remove paper from inside of the scanning unit / cover, please follow the instructions below:

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Turn off printer and unplug it.
Open scanning unit / cover.
Important: Do not touch the white belt.
If you soil or scratch this part by touching it with paper or your hand, it could damage the printer.
Check if jammed paper is under print head holder.
If the jammed paper is under the print head holder, move the print head holder to the far right or left, whichever makes it easier to remove the paper.
When moving the print head holder, hold the top of the print head holder and slide it slowly to the far right or left.
Hold jammed paper firmly in both hands.
If the paper is rolled up, pull out it.
Slowly pull out paper, so as not to tear it.
Pull out the paper at an angle of about 45 degrees.

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what. happens if we cant see the paper and its torne
we cant even see the paper.
it ripped

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shall we send a picture

In this case, you need to try to remove it from the Bottom Side of Printer.
Have you tried that?

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how do we get into the printer form tat angle
you are amazing. we have it. thannk you

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Please follow the steps below
Oh! Sounds great!

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is it enough just tp restart
or should reset somehow

Yes, if you were able to take paper out, just lose scanning unit / cover firmly and reset your printer.
All jobs in the print queue are canceled. Redo the printing.
Important Note: When reloading the paper, make sure you are using suitable paper and loading it correctly. If a paper jam message appears on the LCD or on your computer screen when you resume printing after removing all the jammed paper, there may be some paper still inside the printer. Check the printer again for any remaining bits of paper.

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ok it worked. Legend. Thsnk you

I am so pleased to see your issue got resolved!

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