Updated: March 23, 2023
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Panasonic lumix dc-sz200.

Post focus set by accident and can't get it off. Pictures have strange blue lights like Christmas lights on them.

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  1. To set it to [ON] by pressing the [ ] or [ 4K Timed Burst] button (▼ ),

using [◄ / ► ] to select a [POST FOCUS] icon ( ) with [MENU / SET].

  1. To cancel [Post Focus], select [OFF].
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I saw that in the manual and haven't a clue what it means. It turned on by accident.

Oh, got it.
You will need this button:
Do you see it?


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Press it, please.

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Do you see this now?

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No. I have the bar of plus or minus on the aperture.

Would be really helpful if you could provide me with a picture of what you see.

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Visitor uploaded: image.jpg
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 2496380

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Oh, great, now I see what you have, thank you!
At your circle bar you have this:
Agent uploaded: image.png
Type: image/png
Size: 1719
Tap on it

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I fixed it once I saw the drive mode menu. I didn't realize it was a drive mode. One more question. I sometimes have a menu to click on sun,clouds, indoor etc. I can't always find it.

Great that you have fixed it!
To click on the sun is like to focus on it?

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No. There's a menu bar on the bottom

Of the screen?

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It opens sometimes but I don't remember how. One of the buttons in the circle does it. You get a choice of settings with a picture of the sun, clouds, a light bulb etc.

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Oh, got it.
Have you checked this one? ->
Agent uploaded: image.png
Type: image/png
Size: 319360

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I found it. It was the opposite button. My problem is they sometimes show different menus. I never figured out why.
Thanks fir your help. Bye

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