Zachary Finkelstein
Zachary Finkelstein
Tech Expert & Writer
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Zachary Finkelstein

Tech Expert & Writer
University of Missouri
  • 5G and other cutting-edge tech
  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Printers, scanners & other office equipment
  • PC & Mac
  • Software troubleshooting

Zachary Finkelstein | Tech Expert & Writer | 46 years | Missouri City, MO
One cannot become a good technician without a burning desire to help others. I say so because having developed hard skills is never enough. Instead, one has to be able and willing to explain their thoughts and give easy and understandable solutions. That’s what I try to do every day in my job.

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From early childhood, I knew that I would help people. Firstly, I thought about myself as a social sphere worker. However, this domain wasn’t what quite suited my character. Then I assumed it would be good to connect my fate with technology. But how to combine both constituents that were so important to me? Finally, I found a way.
Being a tech worker, I feel that I bring help. I also don’t stop developing my professional skills. You know, it’s not the kind of work where you’ve acquired a certain set of skills and keep using them. On the contrary, you never know what will be the next question you’ll have to solve.
A perk of my job is the ability to share my knowledge through writing blog articles and case studies for Howly. Learning some tech facts and later sharing them with people who need them – what can sound better for a tech person?

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