Updated: April 12, 2023
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My fairly new HP DeskJet 2744e printer will not print.

Can you help me get her printing again?

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Is your HP DeskJet connected to a wireless network?


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Yes, the wireless is green.

Is it connected to PC?

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If the printer has a paper jam, it may not be able to print. Open the printer cover and remove any stuck paper if you find any.

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There does not appear to be a paper jam.

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Ensure that there is enough ink in your printer cartridges to print your document. If your ink levels are low or out, replace the cartridges with new ones.

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OK, let me try that.
Hmmm. The inkjet sent to me does not want to fit into the printer!

I see, try to do it, please if it fits somehow.

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The label says hp 67/305. It doesn't fit.

I see, do you have one that fits?

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Only the one I just removed. I can re-try it.

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Sure, please do it.

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Waiting for the thing to come back so that I can insert the inkjet.
OK it's in.

Good, let's do one more thing.
Please click on window button in the left-bottom corner of the PC screen.

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Oddly, it is now printing!

Go to settings and click on devices.
Oh, that's good.
Please print some pages to test.

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What should I do about these ink cartridges that were sent that do not fit?

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Where have you bought them?
Maybe it's possible to make a return.

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OK. Thanks!

Where have you bought cartridges?

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May your day be richly blessed.

HP 67 Black Ink Cartridge (3YM56AN)
HP 67 Tri-color Ink Cartridge (3YM57AN)
Thanks! It's a pleasure to help you!

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