I am not receiving any emails

Expert: Dmytro Sywyi

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Dmytro Sywyi (Expert): Hello! My name is Dmytro and I will be assisting you today. May I know your first name, please?

Customer: *****

Dmytro Sywyi: Nice to meet you, *****

Dmytro Sywyi: Please describe your request with as many details as possible for me to get the whole picture of the situation.

Customer: i am not receiving any emails

Dmytro Sywyi: What device are you having trouble on?

Customer: my computer and mobile

Dmytro Sywyi: What application do you use to access emails?

Customer: gmail

Dmytro Sywyi: Do you use the Gmail app or the web Gmail version?

Customer: not sure think its the app

Dmytro Sywyi: What about your computer? How do you access your emails?

Customer: by gmail

Dmytro Sywyi: Have you tried sending yourself a test email?

Customer: no. but i have asked a friend and i didnt receive it

Dmytro Sywyi: Please try to follow this link and log into your account – gmail.com
Dmytro Sywyi: Inform me about the result, please

Customer: just showed me my previous emails

Dmytro Sywyi: Could you provide me with your email address?

Customer: *****@gmail.com

Dmytro Sywyi: I have sent you a test email, please click on the “All Mail” folder and try to wait for a few minutes

Customer: showing 1 in inbox but cant access it

Dmytro Sywyi: Is it the email from Howly?

Customer: says mail.google

Dmytro Sywyi: What happens when you are trying to open the email?

Customer: nothing

Dmytro Sywyi: Have you tried opening the “All Mail” folder? It should be above “Inbox”

Customer: cant see the all mail folder above inbox

Dmytro Sywyi: Okay, got it
Dmytro Sywyi: Could you please click on the Gear icon at the top-right corner of the Gmail page? Click on it and choose “All settings”

Customer: what does that icon look like. sorry to be so dumb , but amm elderly i am elderly

Dmytro Sywyi: It looks like a Gear. You should see your profile icon at the top-right corner, and next to it should be a few other icons, one of them should be a Gear icon (it says Settings)

Customer: ok

Dmytro Sywyi: Please let me know once you will find it

Customer: found it

Dmytro Sywyi: Okay, go to All Settings
Dmytro Sywyi: There please click on the Accounts tab and check out how many storage have you used

Customer: 8.58GB of 15

Dmytro Sywyi: Okay

Dmytro Sywyi: Click on the “Filters” tab and check if you have any filters there

Customer: 7

Dmytro Sywyi: So you have 7 filters, there, correct?

Customer: yes

Dmytro Sywyi: Please try to delete all the filters

Customer: do I unblock them

Dmytro Sywyi: I’m sorry, there should be like two sections, with filters and blocked users. So you mean that you have 7 blocked users, right?

Customer: yes

Dmytro Sywyi: Okay, in this case leave blocked users and click on the “Forwarding” tab

Customer: no filters, just found that

Dmytro Sywyi: Got it. Please try locating the Forwarding tab

Customer: says all filters or none?

Dmytro Sywyi: Okay
Dmytro Sywyi: Let’s leave the Filters page. Please choose the next tab

Customer: ok got forwarding tab

Dmytro Sywyi: There should be an IMAP section. Do you see it?

Customer: yes

Dmytro Sywyi: Please try to click on “Enable IMAP”

Customer: done

Dmytro Sywyi: Okay

Dmytro Sywyi: Let me try to send you one more email, please

Customer: got that

Dmytro Sywyi: Do you mean that you received the email?

Customer: yes

Dmytro Sywyi: Great

Dmytro Sywyi: Could you please try to check for that email on your phone?

Customer: yes on my phone

Dmytro Sywyi: Great!
Dmytro Sywyi: You can ask your friend to send you the email as well. Just to make sure

Customer: ok

Dmytro Sywyi: Please inform me about the result

Customer: just waiting

Dmytro Sywyi: Okay

Customer: yes came thru

Dmytro Sywyi: Great news!
Dmytro Sywyi: Is there anything else I could help you with?

Customer: no thankyou, will I get all previous emails

Dmytro Sywyi: Unfortunately, all those emails need to be sent again in order for you to receive them

Customer: ok thank you very much for your help

Dmytro Sywyi: You are always welcome
Dmytro Sywyi: Please feel free to contact us at any time. We’ll be happy to help you