Updated: June 15, 2023
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Will microsoft pro 8 fit in pro3 dock

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Currently, the sole choice accessible for the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 seems to be utilizing it exclusively with a wire.

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Are you referring to the slide-in dock?

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Currently, the best docking station for Pro8 is considered Surface Thunderbolt™ 4 Dock

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ok is it a slide in

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It appears to be used with a wire only, however at the moment it`s the only option available for Microsoft Surface Pro8

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ok what is a wire

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Do you mean generally or do you mean what type of wire does the dock station use?

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Oh, well, a wire is a flexible metallic conductor used to carry electric current in a circuit.

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not quite what i meant. istoperating box seperate and has a usb connection

It appears the USB wire is connected to the box and not separate. Here is a picture for reference:



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I understand not what i thought of as a dock

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I see. According to Microsoft`s documentation, this is currently the best and only option available for the mentioned type of device.

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Ok thanks for your help. Bye

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