Updated: April 03, 2023
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Spilled water on my alienware

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Could you please clarify brand and model of that device?

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I spilt water on my alienware 18 today and it restarted then had a dark screen anytime tried turning on after cleaning top with a towel.


Its a laptop
Anytime i tried turning it on it was 7 beeps and wouldnt let me proceed
Had charger in to see if it would work. Afterwords eventually it stop turning on
So think its dead
Power cable still work tho but laptop wont turn on

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First of all, unplug the cable and do not turn your laptop on.

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Cause not turning on now at all but upside down and on a towel

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  1. Turn off your laptop. If water spilled on your laptop keyboard or screen, it's important to turn off your device immediately.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Remove all plugged-in devices. .
  4. Dry and drain your laptop.
  5. Let a pro clean and check your laptop.
    After that, wait for 25 hours at least. If it doesn't help, you will need to brig your laptop to the service.

What happens if i cant take the battery out?
Cause i dont got the screw driver for it

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It will dry slower.

Yeah so it not turning on rn and being dried out on a towel
Shows theres a possibility of it being on pause ?
Or its just messed up now and i got to take it in to service?

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You need to wait now. If it doesn't turn on then you can bring it to service.

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So its turning on now but i turned it off. Now its just beeping 7 times like vefk

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Can you be more specific, you can turn it on, right?

Now i can
Yea. So now its bleeping 7 times my alienware
Whwn i turn it on but just black screen
Should i juat leave it to dry?

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So, black screen and bleeping?

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Well, I recommend letting it dry a little more, but if the water has damaged the motherboard, you should get the laptop to the repair service.

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It could be possible the motherboard got damage?
Cause was working perfectly fine till water spilt on it
Keyboard area

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Could be, yes, because of the water. It's a laptop, after all, so the motherboard is right under the keyboard

What does a motherboard do for your laptop!
And are the expensive*?

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Well, without it, if saying in simple words, you can't use PC at all.

So they are quite expensive

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Yes, unfortunately.
But, that is why I recommend taking it to the repair place. It could be something else that is damaged, hard to say without seeing it.

I understand

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