Updated: March 25, 2023
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I only have Google Translate and Google Maps on my phone. Do I need to Reclaim my Google Voice number?This also feels like a possible scam

Hello, thank you for using Howly. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

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Nice to meet you, *****!

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per above I need help to possibly take action on a scam

If you haven't used your Voice number for a long time, you'll get a warning your Voice number will be removed from your account. You'll also see the "reclaim date," which is the date the number will be removed.
Google Voice reclaims your number if you have no activity.

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I’ve never used Voice

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*****, did you receive a message regarding your GoogleVoice why do you think it's a scam attempt?


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per above: I was selling an item on Facebook Marketplace. The person interested in buying my item wanted to confirm and asked me to enter the 6-digit code sent to my phone. I sent it to him then realized it is a scam. He wants more personal info and I’m not sharing. I just want to know if I have to Reclaim something?

*****, please note that you should never share codes with anyone. It looks like a hack attempt. Do you remember what kind of code you shared with that person?

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yes very dumb in my part.

No worries! Do you remember what kind of code you shared with that person?

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I shared only a 6-digit Google Voice verification code.
he also has my mobile number

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Yes, it's a well-known scam attempt, you need to reclaim your Google Voice number in order to avoid using your account for criminal purposes.

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How? I don’t have Voice on my phone or even a Voice account

If you are looking to buy or sell anything online, you should be aware of the Google Voice scam. Scammers are posing as interested buyers and sellers on online marketplaces. They are trying to steal your personal information to create a fake Google Voice account in your name.
Please follow the instructions below:
Sign in to voice.google.com and click Settings in the top right corner. Under Linked number, click New linked number.
Proceed to enter the phone number to link and verify the number. If you are on a mobile device, click Send code, and Google Voice sends the code in a text message to the phone.
If it’s a landline number, click the Verify by phone link, and then click Call. Google Voice calls the phone number and gives the code. Enter the code and click Verify.
Once you click Claim, the number is linked with your account again.

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I now know. He has asked for other personal info and didn’t share anything. He only has my phone number.
From your info, does this mean I need to create an account first?

You can use your Gmail account to follow the instructions I sent you above.

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Ok. Thanks

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No problem!
Please let me know if you need any assistance while you are on it.

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You can save this chat as a bookmark in your browser, or copy the link in your address bar and paste it to any place you'd like in case we get disconnected.

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All done, thanks

Have you followed my instructions?

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Yes, I linked to my mobile number. I believe we are done. Thanks for your help

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