Updated: April 03, 2023
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I have printer under my father's email address, and we want to change it to mine

because I use it more, but I doesn't seem to want to let me do it on the online account.

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Nice to meet you, *****!
How can I help you?

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We have an account for an HP printer. It's still under my father's email address, but I use it so more than that he does and I was doing change everything over to my email address, but the website won't let me.


Okay, I understood.
Do you get any specific errors or do you just need help on how to change it?

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I just want to change the email address from his, to mine.

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Okay, got it.

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I have all the log in information, but when i've done so, the email option is grey-ed out, i can't change it.

Sign in to HP Smart When I do that, all I have is view profile or sign out.
When you click on an account icon?

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Oh, sorry, I was on the HP smart assistant that the printer keeps asking for, let me get the HP smart one up.

Could you please go through this link? https://www.hpsmart.com/
It's where you should try to complete the instruction

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can you just bear with me for a minute or so, the HP smart wasn't logged in.

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Sure, take your time, *****

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It's loading. where are you in the world to be working at time?

It's my job, Ma'am :)
Our serivce is 24/7

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Oh, please don't call me Ma'am, I am not old enough for that! I might be younger than you

Sorry, *****. Just wanted to be polite

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It's fine. It makes me figure you're probably American, haha,

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What stage are you on with the HP site, *****?

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I have managed to change the name and email, but now it wants the password, but haven't created a new one, yet, and it doesn't like the old one, either.

So now you have a different email and name on the account, but the old password doesn't work out?

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apparently I already had an account with HP under my own email address. News to me. just figuring out that.

That's great I suppose. I assume you can attach one account to another later, so you will have a backup option

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Thing is, I've done all of that, and the HP smart on my computer is still coming up with my dad's information, not mine.

Could you please try to reload the page with the account or restart the browser? The information just might be not updated

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Already done.

Still doesn't change?

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HP smart, when i open it still say 'DP' in the corner not 'LP'
still has his email address there.

Check if there is any backup information for the account, and try to re-log into it.
Just log out and log in after that

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I've been trying to avoid doing things like that: my father is on holiday in Madera I'm worried if he'll get emails.
He knows I'm doing it, but i doubt he'll be impressed

Didn't he agree for that?

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Oh, yes, he's agreed to me doing the changing the printer I mean i doubt he'll be impressed if i've got stuff wrong and he gets and email at this time!
I'm just starting a degree, so I might be printing a lot of things, makes more sense I pay than he does.

Oh, I understand. I think that the email to his account will be sent by HP that some information in the account was changed

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I have access to his email account, anyway, so i will check.

Alright, *****

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it does seem to have worked, I am logged in to HP smart under my email, so hopefully everything comes to me now.

Great! Is there anything else I can help you with?

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thank you so much for your help, and having a little bit of a chat!

Thanks to you for choosing our service and chatting with us today! :)

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no, that's fine than you you, I hope you have a good evening, you've been great.

Is there anything else I could do for you?
Thank you, *****!
Please feel free to contact us at any time! We'll be happy to help you!

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Thank you, I have appreciated it.

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