Updated: June 16, 2023
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How do I stop or cancel a print job on my HP Envy 7640?

The job is over 150 pages and I don't want to print that much. I have pressed the cancel button, but after a few minutes, it starts to print again?

Short summary:

  1. On your Windows computer, open the search field in the bottom-left corner.
  2. Type "Printers" and select the suggested "Printers & Scanners" app.
  3. In the Printers & Scanners app, locate your printer in the list.
  4. Click on your printer and select "Open queue."
  5. Check the list of print jobs in the queue that opens.
  6. If you see the print job you want to cancel, right-click on it and select "Delete" or "Cancel."
  7. If the option to delete is not available, select "Cancel" instead.
  8. Power off the printer by unplugging its power cable from the outlet.
  9. Wait for approximately one minute.
  10. Plug the printer back in and turn it on.
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Hello, thank you for using Howly.
To cancel the printing please follow this:

  • Into the Search field in Windows enter the word - 'Printers' then open the suggested 'Printers & Scanners' app
  • Locate the printer in the list, click on it, and select 'Open queue'
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Is there a way to cancel on the printer itself?


You can turn the printer off and remove its power cable from an outlet for 1 minute
The print job should be erased from printer memory after that
But if you will still have a printing job ended to printer in Windows it can send it to the printer once more
So I would suggest checking the Printers & Scanners in Windows first

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I am doing that now
I just plugged the printer back in. I will see itf it still tries to print the long job

Yes, please check

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It is printing the log job . I am wasting ink and paper

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Let's cancel it from the Printers & Scanners in Windows
Do you see a search field in the bottom-left corner of Windows?

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Yes. I typed in printers and scanners

Good, please open the Printers & Scanners app, do you see your printer I the list?

Customer Replay

I see HP Envy 7640 and I see HP037855 (HP Envy 7640 series). whiche one should I connect to?

Check both by clicking on its name and selecting 'Open queue'

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I ahve to do them one at a time

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Yes, please
Check if you see a print job in the list that opens after you select 'Open queue'

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I did HP Envy 7640 and there is nothng in the Queue

Right click on it and select 'Delete'
Please check the second one

Customer Replay

I see three jobs including the long job in the queue for HP037855

Good, right click on it and select Delete

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Delete is not an option when I right click. Cancel is an option

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Sometimes delete is now available, select Cancel and check if the job disappear from the list

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It is Deleting

Good, try powering off the printer to make sure
And then turn it back on

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Power off now or wait until it says that it has delete the print job. Unplug the maching and wait a nimute before plugging it back in?

Yes, please

Customer Replay

Tehbig print job has been deleted and the printer has been plugged in for about a minute

Good, the job is canceled successfully then!

Customer Replay

Thanks for your help!

You're welcome!

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