My pixel 4 just died, can you assist?

Expert: Vitalii Yovko

Pixel 4 będzie miał funkcję podwójnej ekspozycji -

Vitalii Yovko (Expert): Hello, thank you for using Howly, my name is Vitalii. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

Customer: *****

Vitalii Yovko: Nice to meet you, *****!

Customer: Thank you.
Customer: You too!

Vitalii Yovko: Can you please tell me more about the issue with your Pixel? What happened?
Vitalii Yovko: You can not turn it on? Can you please explain?

Customer: It had almost full charge. I was in Instagram posting a story and it simply went black. I plugged it in and there was no charge symbol. It’s just dead.
Customer: When I hold down the power button, nothing happens.

Vitalii Yovko: Try this:
Vitalii Yovko: Press and hold the power button and volume down button at the same time. Continue holding both buttons simultaneously for at least 7 seconds, your phone should restart from there

Customer: OK, it looks like it’s powering up again. Do you know why this happened?
Customer: It’s powering up…

Vitalii Yovko: Unfortunately, I do not know why it happened. Maybe it was a system crash caused by some app that took too much operating memory or something.

Customer: Okay, I see. Thanks so much for your time!!! I really appreciate you. xo

Vitalii Yovko: You are welcome!

Customer: Is there anything else I need to do before we disconnect?

Vitalii Yovko: You can contact us at any time if you will need more help

Customer: Thank you very much. 🙂 Enjoy your day!

Vitalii Yovko: You too!