Updated: May 03, 2023
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My HP 4650 printer now only print headers and footers

Short summary:

  1. Print a test page from the printer control panel to check for issues.
  2. Check the "Preferences" and "Tools" tabs in your printer's settings for incorrect page settings or network connectivity issues.
  3. Change printing options when attempting to print a document by unchecking "Print on both sides" and "Headers & Footers," and checking "Background Graphics."
  4. Consider resetting the printer to factory defaults as a last resort by following the on-screen instructions in the "Tools" menu.

HP 4650 printer

Hello! Thank you for choosing our service. Do you see any errors or the issue is only that it's printing only headers and footers?

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I was adding new wireless address and I must hace gotten carried away with things... only printing headers and footers now

Noted. Do you use the printer with Mac PC or Windows?

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Could you let me know if you have tried any steps to resolve the issue?

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no I have done nothing because I dont know what I did in the first place to screw it up!

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Understood. Just to clarify, have you altered settings on your Printer directly, or through your computer?

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on the printer

Do you have the HP Smart app installed on your computer?

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no i do not. i was thinking to reset to factory settings?

Reset the printer itself?

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Top answer

Well, that is always an option, but in that case, we will have to set it up fresh. Let's leave it as a last-resort option.

Ok, let's check if it is printing a Test page.

  1. Load a letter or A4 unused plain white paper into the paper tray.
  2. From the printer control panel, touch Tools.
  3. Touch Print Quality Report.
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it looks ok

Please, open the Setup menu in your printer's settings and tell me what options do you have there.

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prefferences tools power handling network setup wev servidesprinter update

Please check the 'Preferences'

do you see there, it may be settings like "Page size" or a 'Page setings'

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date time laguage country quiet mode sound send musage info printer usage location

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Got it, please check the "Tools" tab then

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clean cartridges align printer clean page smears print status reports print quality report print web access report network configuration report restore factory defaults

Got it, tell me please, from what program you usually print?

For example Chrome browser, Office app, etc

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ok but this problem occurred because i was putting new modem addrss in and printer would not find it and I started to fiddle with the printer... I print from everything....email, chrome, pages

Would you be so kind to send me a screenshot of printing dialog window from any app?

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Visitor uploaded: Screenshot

Top answer

Thank you
Please uncheck the 'Print on both sides' option, uncheck "Headers & Footers" and check the "Background Graphics"

Try to print the page with those settings, and tell me please about the result

Customer Replay

wow now it is printing!

thank you....dont know why that worked beause it was the prnter itself I fiddled with yesterday I appreciate your help

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