Updated: March 09, 2023
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My Hover shampooer will not suck up the water anymore

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
Please tell me what model and name of Hover do you have?

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Hoover Power Scrub XL


Please tell me what troubleshooting have you done so far?

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I just bought this, I removed the tanks and put them back on to be ssure they were positioned right. It worked fine 2 days ago!

Please Check It’s Set On Cleaning Mode
Before you do anything else, double-check the dial on your carpet cleaner. It should be set to carpet cleaning mode. If it is set on another setting, it won’t know that it needs to pick up water.

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It is on deep clean

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I see.
Please check the status of your water tank. If it is full, use these instructions to empty it:

  1. Turn the carpet cleaner off
  2. Pull the water tank lever
  3. Remove the water tank
  4. Open up the tank and drain the water away
  5. Rinse the water tank with hot water to clear away any stubborn debris
  6. Return the tank to the carpet cleaner
  7. Turn the carpet cleaner on and test it
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You mean test it without any water in the tank?

Sorry with the water, but first need to clean

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I have clean hot water with carpet cleaning solution in it now

Thanks for the details!
Could you tell me did you clean the filter?

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I sterted to shampoo the carpet , made a pass with the water on, pulled back to extract the water and nthere is no suction

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Tanks and filter were all cleaned well after the last use

Are the latches on the carpet cleaner’s hose close?

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Got it!
The hose inside your carpet cleaner can sometimes knock out of place. If this happens, the unit will struggle to pick up water. We will test this in this step.
To test for good suction, you’ll need a newspaper.
Stick with me and I’ll explain why:

  1. Turn the carpet cleaner off
  2. Disconnect the hose and then reconnect it
  3. Turn the carpet cleaner on and check if it now picks up water. If it doesn’t, turn it off again and move on to the next step.
  4. Tilt the carpet cleaner back and put a newspaper underneath it towards the front of the cleaner
  5. Turn it back on
  6. See if there is any suction on the newspaper.
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It did lift the newspaper. I am not using the hose at this time

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Got it.
Do you have a warranty for this cleaner?

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Yes I should have I just bought it right before Christmas.

If nothing from my instructions helps, I'd recommend contacting the store where you bought it.

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It did lift the news paper but wasnt very strong suction
HEY! I just got it working!!I I blew some canned compressed ait in the intake where the water is sucked up thinking there may be some dirt in there, then put it back together tried it and it worked!! Thanks for trying! I think I got it fixed!

Do you have any additional questions I can help you with?

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So glad I dont have to take back to the store, I really liked how it cleaned when I used it the first day. Thanks for trying to help me!

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