Updated: March 26, 2023
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I want to hook up my LG tv with wire,but I want to bypass the router go streight to the modum

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Do you mean you want to connect LG TV directly to the modem?

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You need to plug your Ethernet cable into one of the RJ45 sockets on the rear of your internet modem/ router and then plug the other end into your TV. That should be it with no need to change any settings on your TV.


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my router not working I order a new , I get it in a couple days
so I b bypassing the router right

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Well, once you will get it, you can connect it.

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ya but no computer or tv
so I can bypass router , right

What do you mean by that?

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Ur internet comes in to ur house at the modem , i want to go streight to tv with internet wire , my router busted
will it work

Yes, you just need to connect it with the Ethernet cable.

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ok when I did that it does ant recognize that the cable

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Did you see some messages on the TV?

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my computer works when I hook it up that way ,my LG and Apple TV different set, doesn’t see it in set up no message

Can you tell me the brand and model of your modem?

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I can get the name and slk

Will be helpful, if you could.

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I looked I only see numbers ,ser#

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Got it, then there is no need.

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When I hook it up I thought it would streight forwards , simple

Are you sure you have a compatible cable?
You may have an incompatible cable, which is one that has a bandwidth greater than 100Mbps.

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no worries I appreciate what u doing , I did at want u to think I was gone , waist ur ti

I understood)
So what are the results?

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I moved to my computer

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I guess no can do ! That alright thanks for ur help

You are welcome!
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no thank you I’am good

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Wachting a movie from 86” to 20” not the same , only a couple days
good nifht

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