Updated: March 16, 2023
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I recently got the pixel 7 pro there is an issue with the screen going blank, then I'm unable to use it, as its only 6weeks I've had it something needs to be done

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Does your Pixel 7 pro stop being responsive to the screen on/off button after it goes blank?


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It can still work, but as it's blank I am unable to see what's being pressed and also unable to turn it off, to try and reset it

Is it blank as in black? Or does it display color or your wallpaper?

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Black, as if its turned off, but it is still on

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How do you know it is still on?

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By pressing button on side of phone there is vibration also vibration when notifications come in
If it was an older phone I wouldve taken battery out and put it back in

Yes, that would have been an option
Have you found a way to get it back to work?
Restart it?

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I can only wait until its lost its charge then restart from there, if there was a Google shop or maintenance place near me I would happily take it there to find out the issue
But as its only a few weeks old this I'm less than happy with the phone

Very understandably so
Based on what I was able to find, this issue has been reported by multiple users, and Google has not yet provided a patch fix

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What is causing this issue

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If the cause had been known, they would have released an update fix for it
Users who reported this issue have only been able to find a workaround to help keep it up

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If I was able to turn it off and back on it probably would work

When the screen goes blank, it can be restarted by holding VOLUME UP and POWER buttons at the same time until the Google logo shows up

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Ok will try that

And after it restarts and the screen becomes responsive again, the device can be booted into Safe Mode by holding VOLUME UP and POWER buttons until the Power Off prompt appears. On that prompt, touch and hold Restart until the 'Reboot to safe mode' prompt appears then release.
The purpose of Safe Mode is that it disables running certain processes which might be causing it to crash

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Just going through the restart now
Fantastic it has started again thank you for your help

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You are welcome, *****!

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I hope Google comes up with a solution for this shortly

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Me too, but now that I know how to get it rebooted that is a big help
Thank you again

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