Updated: April 04, 2023
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I can’t play two games I bought yesterday

Hello, thank you for contacting Howly! I am here to help you today!
May I know your first name, please?

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Nice to meet you ,*****.
Please describe your request with as many details as possible for me to get the whole picture of the situation.

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i can’t play two games I brought yesterday

Tell me please , on what device you can't play them ?

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xbox series s


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What those games are ?

The new need for speed and call of duty ghost

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What happens when you try to play them ?

it come up with an error and say something else it started today like I play on them this morning but now I cant

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Make me please the photo of that error .

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Visitor uploaded: Image.jpg

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What troubleshooting have you done so far?

Really none I tried resetting the it but it didn’t work

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Tell me please , reset what exactly ?

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Do you mean delete and download again ?

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You have those games on disk ?

no downloaded on the game

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Did you try reboot the xbox ?

how to do that??

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Turn it off and then turn on again.

I tried that too

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Got it.
Do you have any other games ?

yea I can play on them

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Let me get back to you on this, and while I'm on it, please stay in the chat, thank you!
Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide. Then Select Profile & system > Settings > General > Power options. Select Restart now.
Can you please follow steps above ?

It still didn’t work

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I will get this squared away for you, just give me a bit more time and please stay in the chat. Thank you!
Tell me please, how many accounts you have on that xbox ?

About three but I have one that my Xbox always sign in to

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Check please if you are logged in to that same account on which you bought those games.

i am I played on them earlier

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*****, check please that.

what they mean connect to the Xbox network because I thought the games can play online an offline

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It depends on the game.
But you should be logged in to the same account that you bought on these games.
Check please if you are logged in now to that account.

yes I am I bought all my games on that account

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Got it.
Please allow me a moment to provide you with further instructions, I would really appreciate it if you would wait for me in the chat. Thank you!
In this case you should try reset the console to factory settings, and it will delete every game you have.
Tell me please, are you ready to do that ?

Alright I’m ready what to do

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Press the Guide button, and navigate to Profile & settings > Settings.
Navigate to System > Console info.
Select Reset console.
Select RESET AND REMOVE EVERYTHING for a full factory reset, or RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & APPS to return the console to factory settings without deleting things you have downloaded.

That worked out thank you

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You are welcome, *****
Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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I am so pleased to see your issue got resolved!
Please feel free to contact us at any time. We'll be happy to help you. Have a nice one!

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