How can i recover a facebook account without my user name or password

Expert: Dmytro Sywyi

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Dmytro Sywyi (Expert): Hello! My name is Dmytro and I will be assisting you today. May I know your first name, please?

Customer: *****

Dmytro Sywyi: Nice to meet you, *****
Dmytro Sywyi: Please let me know what happened to your facebook

Customer: i dont remember any of my log in details

Dmytro Sywyi: do you remember email that you were using to login?

Customer: no

Dmytro Sywyi: phone number?

Customer: no

Dmytro Sywyi: When was the last time you were using it?

Customer: about a year

Dmytro Sywyi: Do you have many email addresses?

Customer: yes. I have tried both

Dmytro Sywyi: Please try to use this link:
Dmytro Sywyi: to Find your account page.

Customer: ok

Dmytro Sywyi: Type the email address, mobile phone number, full name or username associated with your account, then click Search. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Dmytro Sywyi: you need to find it first, to be able to recover

Customer: i have tried this already. it doesnt work

Dmytro Sywyi: Let me clarify: you can not find any facebook page assosiated to any of your email addresses and your phone number?

Customer: right

Dmytro Sywyi: And you are also not sure if these were the addresses and a number you used to create it?

Customer: it is my sons account we are looking for. We need to delete them. I am his mother. I can see him on my friends list if that is any use?

Dmytro Sywyi: Does your son want to delete their account?

Customer: yes. there is a photo that may be circulated. We are afraid that he will be shared with the people in his friends list

Dmytro Sywyi: He needs to try to recover the password from the device he was using to login to the account.
Dmytro Sywyi: And once he gets the access back to it, he will be able to delete it.
Dmytro Sywyi: You won’t be able to get an access to his account. He is the one who has to do it.

Customer: i know. that’s the problem we cant get access

Dmytro Sywyi: He needs to submit the “Confirm your identity” form
Dmytro Sywyi: This form allows him to contact Facebook directly to restore his account. After he’s submitted a form, Facebook will contact him via the email address that he has provided.
Dmytro Sywyi: You’ll typically receive a response from Facebook in 1 to 5 business days. At times, you need to wait for a longer time for their response. This is because Facebook receives an excessive number of reports daily, so it might take a while to get to yours.

Customer: ok. can i send my email address for them to respond to?

Dmytro Sywyi: Yes
Dmytro Sywyi: I wish you to have this situation resolved asap

Customer: there is an option for selecting files. What do i do here?

Dmytro Sywyi: Which filed do you mean?
Dmytro Sywyi: Your son has to upload an id there. if it’s in the form to confirm identity
Dmytro Sywyi: here you can read what form of ID are accepted:

Customer: do you think an out of date passport will do?

Dmytro Sywyi: the document should be up to date
Dmytro Sywyi: How old is your son?

Customer: ok. i think i have a bank statement. is it ok to take a pic of it and upload that?

Dmytro Sywyi: Please check this article to see if it will be accepted:
Dmytro Sywyi: IS your son over 13 years old?
Dmytro Sywyi: Because if he is under, then the procedure is different

Customer: he is over
Customer: i also have a birth cert

Dmytro Sywyi: ok
Dmytro Sywyi: if he is over, then you are using the correct form

Customer: ok. im going to upload them now. Thank you for your help

Dmytro Sywyi: I’m glad I was able to get that sorted out for you. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Dmytro Sywyi: *****, you might also want to read this article from Facebook:
It’s about “a photo or video that violates the privacy of the child.”

Customer: This is what it says when i press sendYour information couldn’t be submitted Log in to your account to get back on Facebook, or to see further instructions.

Dmytro Sywyi: Please check out the article I have sent you above
Dmytro Sywyi: Here it is:
Dmytro Sywyi: We encourage you to talk to your son about this issue and help them submit their own request to have this content removed
Dmytro Sywyi:

Customer: he has special needs

Dmytro Sywyi: Understood
Dmytro Sywyi: In this case please try to feel out this form:
Dmytro Sywyi: Additionally, try to report a page of an Underage Child to Facebook
You can do it here:
Dmytro Sywyi: The link to his profile you can get by opening his profile that you can find in your friends’ list

Customer: ok where is the browsers address bar?

Dmytro Sywyi: it is where you type any website name
Dmytro Sywyi: It is located usually at the very top of a browser window.

Customer: OK i think that worked

Dmytro Sywyi: Great
Dmytro Sywyi: I’m glad I was able to get that sorted out for you. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Customer: thank you so much for your help. No thats all thanks

Dmytro Sywyi: Thank you for chatting with us today!
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