Updated: June 13, 2023
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Cannot stop the voice on roku accessibility

Short summary:

  1. Press the HOME button on your Roku remote to go to the Roku Home screen.
  2. Navigate to "Settings" using the arrow buttons on your remote.
  3. Select "Accessibility" and then choose "Accessibility shortcut."
  4. Disable the "Enable accessibility shortcut" option.
  5. Press the HOME button to return to the Roku Home screen.
  6. Launch any app or channel to check if the Voice feature is still enabled.
  7. If the Voice feature is still enabled, quickly press the Options button on your remote four times.
  8. Test the Roku device in different apps or channels to ensure the Voice feature is turned off.

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To turn off the Voice feature on Roku, please, follow these steps:

  1. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
  2. Select Settings → Accessibility → Accessibility shortcut.
  3. Turn off Enable accessibility shortcut and tell me if it resolves the issue.
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i disabled

So is everything working fine now?

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I will go back to my program and see. Nope she still speaks

Do you have this issue in other apps?

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I see, thank you for the info!
Please, go to the Roku app on your TV and try pressing the Options button on the Roku remote four times quickly. The Options button is located just below the directional pad and at the right-hand side of the Roku remote

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I did that

Top answer

Using the Star Key on the Remote
Pressing the star or asterisk key on your Roku remote four times in a row toggles Screen Reader off and on. This is the quickest and easiest way to make your Roku stop talking. You can press the star key four times again at any time to turn voice narration back on.

Customer Replay

O tried. To make that work. Thank u
i did what they instructed but it still talks

Please follow these steps:
Navigate to your Roku's Settings. You can find it on your Roku's homepage.
Select Accessibilty tab.
Select Screen Reader. This may be called Audio Guide on some devices.
Select Off to turn off Screen Reader. Once you disable Screen Reader, your Roku will no longer narrate the screen aloud.
On some Roku models, you may also see an option reading "Shortcut". You can turn off this option to disable the remote button shortcut that may have led to your accidentally enabling the feature.

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I did. Thanks

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