Laptop Ports Issues Troubleshooting with Howly

Almost every user has faced a problem when the computer is not recognizing USB ports. The reason can be in the device itself as well as in the USB ports. In the event of a USB failure, one or all ports may not work. However, don’t rush to hand over your computer for repair or start searching for a new one, even if you have a fairly old device. A similar problem can be solved independently under the guidance of Howly specialists.

If you want to find out why don’t your USB ports work – just contact Howly for help. It doesn’t matter if your device’s operating system is Windows or Mac. We will find an expert who specializes in your device among thousand of professionals working with us. The instruction is simple – describe the problem in the chat and get quick expert advice. Under the control of our staff, you can quickly solve “USB ports don’t recognize the device” and other similar issues. Just contact us. We are always here for you!

What Problems with USB Ports We Can Solve?

USB ports fail for various reasons. The reasons for non-working ports can be external and internal.

External reasons include:

  • Computer problem;
  • Lack of power supply or no battery in the laptop;
  • Excessive pollution.

Internal reasons can be the following:

  • Driver problem;
  • Disabled port control;
  • Unsuitable cable;
  • Problem in the device settings;
  • Malfunction of the cable connecting your laptop’s USB ports to the motherboard;
  • Malware. 

To understand why computer USB ports are not working exactly, you can follow the principle of exclusion. For example, ensure that the USB port works when another device is connected to it. Then it’s a device failure. 

If it doesn’t function with another device, then the problem is in the laptop itself. So you need to find the reason. To save your time and nerves, contact our expert. Experienced tech experts can assist you in solving any issues that occur with your USB ports. During the consultation, our expert will give you the specific steps you need to do to fix the ports yourself.

Quick Expert Tips for Fixing Non-Working Laptop USB Ports

Howly has some tips you can try to fix the USB port not working on the laptop:

  • Restart your computer;
  • Test the USB ports by connecting another device to them;
  • Clean up the ports;
  • Make sure the port cable is not damaged;
  • Unplug all devices except your laptop. Lack of power may also be the reason that the USB port not detecting;  
  • Replace the CMOS battery if it runs out.
  • Check installed USB drivers;
  • Try updating your drivers or Windows;
  • Disable power saver for all ports;
  • Check motherboard USB controller, install expansion board;
  • Launch Registry Editor. Then type “Regedit” there. After that, delete “LowerFilters” and “UpperFilters”.

We have described just a few tips for restoring your USB ports. Howly experts will find a custom solution for your case and provide you with detailed instructions you can easily follow. Start a chat with our tech specialist – and they’ll help you fix USB ports that don’t work with clear step-by-step instructions.

Howly approaches each problem individually: we ask clarifying questions, understand your case in detail, and offer a solution that is right for you.

How We Solve Your Problems with USB Ports

There may be various reasons why USB ports don’t work on your laptop. However, all of them are solvable if you are in touch with Howly specialists. Start a chat with any message to activate it. After a few seconds, a qualified Howly specialist will be ready to help you. Explain your problem to them and receive detailed instructions for your particular case. Remember that you can ask absolutely any questions that concern you. Howly specialists have extensive experience in solving all sorts of technical problems. We are here to help you whenever you need us.

Frequent Questions from Howly Users

Here we bring the most popular questions from our users about USB ports that don’t work on the laptop. 

How to understand what the cause of broken ports in the motherboard is?

Remove the laptop cover and carefully inspect the motherboard. All parts, including port controllers, must be clean and free from deformation and discoloration. If you notice such changes, then the ports may not work due to damage to the motherboard.

What to do if only the front ports aren’t working?

If only the front USB ports aren’t working, it is likely that they are simply not connected. Find two connectors that are labeled as USB1 and USB2. Now you need to connect the wires to the motherboard to the appropriate inputs.

How to understand that the USB port is damaged?

Insert the cable into the connector and analyze how tight it is. If the cable wobbles in the connector, this indicates physical damage to it or the cable itself. In this case, the contact of the device doesn’t work.

Not sure what your problem with broken USB ports is? Howly experts will help you determine and solve it in a chat easily and efficiently. Just contact us – and our top experts will be ready to help you within a minute!