How to fix a poor contact on your laptop's USB port

Updated: May 15, 2023
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How to fix a poor contact on your laptop's USB port
by Hanna Finley
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If you encounter such an issue as poor contact on your laptop's USB port, it can become a serious obstacle to normal operation. Today, it is difficult to imagine life without the connection of various devices to your laptop via USB. Therefore, it is very important to overcome the trouble as soon as possible. But what exactly do you need to do? Let's discuss this.

Before we start

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The essence of the problem

When the contact is no longer stable, the situation is most likely caused by damage to the port due to frequent use. People often forget about the need for careful handling of equipment and sharply unplug connected devices. As a result, the connectors are severely worn, and the contacts suffer.

But even with enough care, the connector is still not immune to breakage. The contact can deteriorate due to a trivial reason - too long use.

The condition of the connector is negatively affected by such factors as bumps and drops. All this leads to the appearance of serious mechanical damage. The risks are especially high when some device has been connected to the port during the accident.


The problem manifests itself in the following way: the laptop always reacts differently to the devices you are trying to connect. It may or may not see them. The faulty operation may stop abruptly as soon as you try to connect again.

In some cases, it takes a little wiggling of the USB cable of the connected device to be recognized by your laptop’s port. In this case, proper functioning is only possible in a certain position. This state of affairs is not an indication that you can rejoice and calm down. On the contrary, it means that you need to repair your laptop’s USB port.

How to troubleshoot

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The first thing to do to fix the problem of poor contact is to get rid of the idea of self-repair. Most of the attempts to fix this issue by the users without the required knowledge and skills only provoke the occurrence of related failures.

Sometimes the new troubles turn out to be more global than the existing ones. It's better not to do anything yourself. Entrust this to a qualified computer technician. Otherwise, you risk saying goodbye forever to the laptop, which has served you well for a long time.

In the process of repairing the USB connector master should disassemble the laptop and conduct a thorough diagnosis in order to clearly identify the cause and confirm that the essence of the problem lies in the connector. Outlining the scope of work, the master will proceed to the selection of methods for repairing the damage.

There are two scenarios for the development of events. Let's start with the repair. In this case, a complicated soldering procedure takes place. When carrying it out, the master takes into account the following factors:

  • Connector shape;
  • Planting location.

Achieving the installation of the correct component is only possible by selecting the appropriate connector, which is a purely individual decision. This is because all varieties are not identical.

In some cases, unsoldering does not fix the problem. It is necessary to carry out a complete replacement of the element. What exactly will be the more appropriate option in your situation can only be answered by the master.

Where to go

You can search for a good specialist in your location or turn to Howly experts online. Yes, they can’t disassemble your laptop at a distance, but they help you with the remote diagnosis of your device and provide you with working step-by-step guidelines on what you should do in your particular situation.

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