Updated: April 01, 2023
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When visiting certain sites (in this case a link from FaceBook) does a warning alert supposidly from Microsoft

come up and direct the user to contact a 1-888 number? Instructing that you do not ignore it or shut your computer off. Thinking it was an attempt to fraudulently access critical information from my computer I shut my computer off. I'm asking because in the last 48 hours since I received that warning I have had 3 fraudulant charges on my credit and debit cards. Could this be the reason? Is the warning legitimate and sent from Microsoft or is it a phishing or smishing attempt?

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Who sent you the link on Facebook?

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Can't remember. it was one of those product ads. I don't usually open them, I can't remember why I opened this one. I wasn't paying much attention. I certainly wasn't going to call the number given on the pop up warning.

Okay, so this is definitely a scamming technique.
Have you already dealt with banking issues, so you don't have any unnecessary charges?

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Yes I am in the process of cancelling all my credit cards and having them re issued.

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Okay, got it. Thank you for spreading awareness about the problem.
Have you reported the scammer's profile or advertisement?

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Like I said I didn't think to take all the details. Thid was the second time this has happened. It happened months ago and I did the same thing just shut my computer off. If it happens again I will will make note of as many details as I can. I hope it doesn't I will be more careful in future.The pop alert will not allow you to go back or escape the only thing you can do is shut down your computer to get rid of it.

Thank you for clarifying!
Be careful with suspicious links.

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I always a and try to verify it with trusted sources or just delete or ignore them. Thank you for your help.

Do you have any additional questions I can help you with?

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No. Thank you and have a good day.

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