Updated: April 07, 2023
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My kindle does not work when I open it I only get the screen saver and waking up does not appear

I have tried turning it on and off and this does not make any difference

Please try performing a hard restart using these instructions:

  1. Press and hold the power button until either a power dialog box appears or the screen goes blank.
  2. Continue holding the power button for 40 seconds, then release it.
    After a few seconds, the charge indicator light turns back on, and the device reboots.
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Perfect thank you now my next problem is I have a second kindle that I bought before the one we have just fixed it does not have my library on it how do I transfer the library


The easiest way to transfer books to your new Kindle is by using your Amazon account. Make sure that you register the device to the same Amazon account as your previous device. Then, open the “Content Library” on a browser, select your books, click on “Deliver”, and choose your new Kindle device.
I can guide you through these steps if needed!

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OK Now sometimes when I am reading my kindle turns pages back and forward of its own volition is there a remedy for this

Could you please specify what exact model of Kindle you have?

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Sorry have no idea its one that has buttons for turning page

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Okay, I see. Thank you!
Usually, a hard reset resolves issues with pages turning, but if not you might check if your device is running on the latest software version and try updating it.

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How do I do that

To check your software version: From the Home screen on your Kindle, press the Menu button, and then select Settings. You will see the current software version at the bottom of the screen.

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I have gone to settings but don't see anything about software

The version number might be just a bunch of numbers with dots, for example,
Do you see anything like it?

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no I see a list of things starting with your account then wireless etc

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Okay, got it! Do you see the Device options menu there?

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Great! Please, click on that and then select Device Info.

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OK done

On the Devise info page, you should see the full name of your device and then the Firmware Version.

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yes can see that it is 5.15.1

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Could you please send me both the full name of the device and the firmware version number?

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firmware version I have already sent name of device I think is probably Kindle Oasis (9th generation)

Great, thank you, *****!
So I checked and version number 5.15.1 is the latest one for your device model. It usually updates automatically if your device has a connection to Wi-Fi.

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I do have Wi Fi so will just hang in there and hope it all works thank you for your help today thanks to you I can read again Cheerio

You are very much welcome, *****!
Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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No all good thanks over and out

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We'll be happy to help you. Have a nice one!

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