Henry Miller
Tech Expert and Writer
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Delaware State University


  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office
  • iOS applications
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Home networks
Articles Published: 19


Henry Miller | Tech Expert & Writer | 34 years | Dover, DE
What does it mean to be a tech support worker? For me, it’s about responsibility. Because once I get an issue from a Howly client, I know it’s my task and duty to provide an effective solution. So when you visit my chat, be sure you leave it only with a comprehensive solution. Check yourself!


I needed 5 years of work as a web designer to understand that it was not quite what I needed. Why so? During this time, I tried working in different companies, but none allowed me to communicate with users directly and solve their actual problems. As an experienced web designer, I know that any tiny button is made with a thought about a client. So, faulty technology causes many inconveniences to everyone.
I was retrained to be a tech expert, and it truly was a brilliant decision. Now I work directly with people’s troubles and pains. And their happiness, once we manage to solve their problem, is worth a lot.
Since I’ve been in this domain for years, I already have enough experience to share it. Luckily enough, Howly gave me an opportunity to become a writer for their blog. Writing articles on tech is another passion of mine. So if you want to get answers to some tricky tech questions, don’t forget to visit our blog and read a few useful pieces.

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