Updated: April 03, 2023
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by Jahed Torres
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I was attacked by a hacker yesterday

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Hello, I was attacked by a hacker yesterday after I downloaded a file that contained some trojan viruses. The only virus I remember was trojan:win32/vidar!mtb which was the last one I quarantined. The Microsoft Windows 11 security system was able to detect 5 Trojans directly. I thought I was done with it, but after a few hours I get notifications in gmail that my Facebook has been hacked and taken. I jumped right in and managed to get my Facebook back and then I log back into my laptop and download Avast, and Avast finds another trojan that Microsoft couldn't find. I quarantined it and deleted it, then I did a full scan of the laptop with the malware program and then I bought and downloaded the best antivirus that the review said, Bitdefener. Bitdefener's full scan also brought the laptop clean.


My question is, is it possible that the hacker has had enough with Facebook and is it all over my laptop or is there still a risk? Thank you.

Tell me, please, did you change the password for your Facebook?

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Yes i changed

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I suggest you to change all your passwords

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Hechanged my password and also removed my account
What you mean with all?

The password for everything you have

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I just changed the password of gmail and Facebook

Like email accounts, another social media etc

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For Gmail, Instagram i had 2-way verification while i hadn't for Facebook, maybe this is the reason he gained access?

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Yes, it's possible
I suggest you to turn on the 2-way verification for the Facebook two

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I just done it, thanks Jahed

It's the best way to keep your accounts safe

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Do you think i removed all viruses from my laptop?
According to the steps i wrote up

Yes, it seems like that

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So he cannot gain access again if, he do not have any tie anymore with the pc?

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Also, when you've enabled the 2-way verification, he needed access to your phone

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Yes it's true
So you think BitDefender it's way enough to remove all trojans and keep safe?

Yes, in addition to Windows Defender and Avast

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Did hacker get access to all my pc files or just browser?

It depends on the type of virus
I think he just got access to your passwords

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As i searched, was a strong virus

Because, it takes a lot time to transfer files
You cannot know what type of data that virus steals

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Thanks Jahed

Maybe you have any other questions?

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Do you have any recommendations me please
To keep secure
Based on your experience

Do not download suspicious files or open suspicious links
And keep your passwords updated as often as possible

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Updated you mean changing passwords often?

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Ok Jahed thanks
I had so many doubts
And i really wanted to talk to an cyber expert

I'm glad to be able to help you)
Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Even i removed all viruses and everything look fine i still have doubts like someone else was with me in pc hahah

I see
He won't got access to your PC when you've removed those virus files

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Ok Jahed, thanks for your responses
I wish you having a good time

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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No thanks, you've responded all doubts i had

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