Updated: June 04, 2023
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I have 2 Link Micro LTE cameras

I am a club member and I have the premium plan on one camera. Is my 2nd camera eligible to be put on that plan? Or do I need to buy a plan for each camera?

Short summary:

  1. Please try to open the link: https://www.spypoint.com/en/spypoint-experience/plans.
  2. Choose which one you prefer more and press on Buy a Photo transmission plan.

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Which exactly cameras do you have and on which service subscription do you mean?

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I have 2 LTE cameras. Does having one the premium plan allow for another to be added. I heard you can add up to 3 cameras
micro cameras


Do you mean - Arlo Go 2 LTE?

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Link Micro LTE.

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You can activate as many cameras as you want on one account.
If you mean spy point subscription.

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But each one you have to by a plan for?

As the Spypoint website says, yes you need a SEPARATE DATA PLAN for each camera.

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Ok. Thanks. Have a great day. πŸ‘

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Can you upgrade my plan.
Like to upgrade one off the basic plan

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Do you mean the Photo transmission plan?

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Please try to open the link: https://www.spypoint.com/en/spypoint-experience/plans
And choose which one you prefer more and press on Buy a Photo transmission plan.
Or do you have a Spypoint application on the phone?

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Yes. Thanks for your help and have a good day.

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I had a similar question about my two cameras. Thanks for addressing it!
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I tried to add a second camera to my premium plan, but it's not allowing me. Any ideas?

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