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How to upgrade iCloud storage on iPhone 14 Pro?

Short summary:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone 14 Pro.
  2. Tap on your name at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap on iCloud.
  4. Tap on Manage Account Storage or Manage Storage.
  5. Check your current iCloud storage plan. If you want to upgrade, proceed to the next step.
  6. Scroll down and tap on Upgrade to iCloud+.
  7. Tap on Buy More Storage or Change Storage Plan.
  8. Choose the plan that suits your needs, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase.
  9. Check your payment information to ensure that it is correct and up-to-date. To do this, go to your iPhone settings and tap on your Apple ID, then select Payment & Shipping. If needed, add or update your payment method.
  10. Once your payment information is updated, you should have access to your new iCloud storage plan.

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Do you know what iCloud storage plan you have now?


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do i have to have a password?

To access your iCloud storage, in most cases - yes, you need the password from your Apple account.

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How do I find what my ICloud storage plan is? I have not been able to use it in many months!

On your iPhone 14 Pro, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings, then tap your name.
  2. Tap iCloud, then tap Manage Account Storage or Manage Storage.

Tell me what you see there, please.

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Top answer

To buy more storage, please follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down and tap Upgrade to iCloud+.
  2. Tap Buy More Storage or Change Storage Plan.
  3. Choose a plan and follow the onscreen instructions.
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I chose the 200GB a long time ago and was been charged $2.99 monthly and then I just got blocked.
I selected 200 GB just now for $2.99 monthly

Are you sure you have the same Apple account as two years ago?

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as far as I know

Probably your payment details were changed by you some time ago and that subscription was lost.

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Do I start a new one?
It would be nice to start fresh anyway!

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I think it is only one way to increase your iCloud storage size.

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Would you walk me through it?

I will be here if you will experience any difficulties.

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It seemed to work but did not ask me for my credit card. It is not the same as it was months ago.

You probably changed it in your Apple account.

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Also, my previous notices were telling me that I had 43.7 GB used out of 50 but never gave me 50.

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And since iCloud is an Apple product, payment details are the same for them,*****.

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how can I check my Apple account?

Do you mean you want to check your payment information?

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I want to update it so it will be correct.

If your iCloud plan updated already, then your payment info is good still.

  1. In your iPhone settings, tap on your Apple ID and select Payment & Shipping.
  2. You might be asked to sign in.
  3. Tap on Add Payment Method.
  4. Select your preferred payment method. Easily add, update, reorder, or remove your payment methods.
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Thanks! The payment is based on PayPal. I will add an additional payment card as an option.

Okay, good! I was glad to help! Do you have any additional questions?

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It just said I may be asked to sign in with my Apple ID. I am not sure what it is.

It is your Apple account details, no worries, if you already have access to your payments, then you know all the needed information and password for it, *****!

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Thanks! Have a good day!

Thank you for chatting with us today, *****!
We are available 24/7, you can refer your questions anytime. Have a nice one!

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