Updated: May 30, 2023
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Camera LK5 LEEKOOLUU does not work

Think that the wiring from the adapter that I used was wired incorrect

Short summary:

  1. Connect the camera adapter to the cigarette lighter outlet in your truck's cab.
  2. Insert the adapter into the outlet and press the red button to activate it.
  3. Check if the monitor lights up and displays any image on the screen. If there is no image, proceed to the next step.
  4. Try switching adapters to ensure that the issue is not with the adapter itself.
  5. Connect the camera antenna to the power cord with the antenna on it. Remember to connect the black wire to the ground/negative wire and the red wire to the positive wire.
  6. Ensure that the camera is securely connected to the power cord with the antenna.
  7. Check if there is an image appearing on the screen. It should display the distance image.
  8. If the screen remains black, hold the sensor in your hands to establish a connection.
  9. Locate a button around the lenses of the sensor and press it.
  10. After pressing the button, the image should appear on the screen.
  11. Test out the camera to ensure it is working properly.

Hello, thank you for using Howly.
Please, specify how exactly you tried to set up your camera.

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2 cigar lighter and 2 adapters in the cab of the truck to test if working and distance

Did the monitor fail to light up and display any image on the screen after you inserted the adapter into the cigarette lighter outlet and pressed the red button?

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Monitor lit up but no images. Also tried switching adapters

I got you. Thanks.
Regarding the camera antenna connection, it is important to remember that the black wire is the ground/negative wire, while the red wire is the positive wire.
Is that how you connected it?

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The second time
I had to test it to make sure

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I see.
If you have connected the wires correctly there is should image appearing on the screen.

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After the first time wiring incorrectly?
To the camera?

Top answer

Camera to the power cord with an antenna on it.

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Top answer

It should look something like this:


Customer Replay

It had the distance image but a black screen

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OK. Can you take the sensor in your hands right now?

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Do I need to have it connected

Yes, that is correct

Customer Replay

Got it hooked up

Good work!
Can you locate a button around the lenses of the sensor?

Customer Replay

Now I have an image

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Sounds good!
Please, test it out!

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Do not know how, but it is working

Okay, great news!

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