Activate a steamcard

Expert: Vitalii Yovko

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Vitalii Yovko (Expert): Hello, thank you for using Howly, my name is Vitalii. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

Customer: *****

Vitalii Yovko:Nice to meet you, *****!

Customer: thanks

Vitalii Yovko: Tell me, please, are you logged in to your Steam account?

Customer: no not yet
Customer: whats the link

Vitalii Yovko: You can do that here –
Vitalii Yovko: Click “SIGN IN”

Customer: Working on it

Vitalii Yovko: Let me know about the results

Customer: It’s not working

Vitalii Yovko: You can’t log in to your Steam account?

Customer: no it says it can’t find it
Customer: i have tried several times
Customer: i bought the card at Walgreens

Vitalii Yovko: Tell me, please, do you have Steam account?

Customer: I thought I did
Customer: i usually buy on line

Vitalii Yovko: It’s the marketplace where you can buy and play games
Vitalii Yovko: Have you used it before?

Customer: yes do I go there

Vitalii Yovko: Please, try to recover your account
Vitalii Yovko: You can do that here –

Customer: I have tried my name, 2 email addresses and my phone number no luck
Customer: it says go to the library tab where is that

Vitalii Yovko: Have you logged in to your account successfully?

Customer: No it won’t let me

Vitalii Yovko: Have you tried to enter this email – *****
Vitalii Yovko: You have to do that here –

Customer: Ok I was in the wrong site I got the last card online at Steam card delivery
Customer: so I guess I don’t have an account

Vitalii Yovko: To redeem the Steam gift card you need to have an account on Steam

Customer: on which site

Vitalii Yovko: Here –

Customer: do I create an account

Vitalii Yovko: To create an account go to the link from the previous message
Vitalii Yovko: And follow on-screen instructions

Customer: please send it to me

Vitalii Yovko: Here it is -> <-

Customer: I created one but it still won’t let me in

Vitalii Yovko: Have you receive an email confirmation?

Customer: Yes

Vitalii Yovko: What do you see in it?

Customer: the link you gave me ask to put in email and password when I do that it says it has already been verified but no email verification
Customer: in order to continue

Vitalii Yovko: Please, try to log in here –

Customer: It says my email does not match my account name but I haven’t put in an account name yet

Vitalii Yovko: In that case, please, try to recover it here –

Customer: Ok I’m in now where do I go

Vitalii Yovko:

  1. Click on your account name, then click account details.
  2. Click on “Add funds to your Steam wallet”.
  3. Click “Redeem a Steam wallet code”.
  4. Enter your steam wallet gift card.
  5. Enter your address.

Customer: Got it and it was successful

Vitalii Yovko: Great!
Vitalii Yovko: Maybe you have any other questions?