What to do with the error “Windows protected your PC”

What to do with the error “Windows protected your PC”

Updated: February 3, 2023

“Windows protected your PC” error may sometimes appear. Most users mistake this error for a virus and terminate any installations. However, it does not necessarily indicate a problem with any program you wanted to install. So what does it show then? In this article, we explain the reasons for the error and how to solve it.

What is the “Windows protected your PC” error?

The “Windows protected your PC” error is related to application certificates. Application certificates are provided by some companies for extreme fees. When people or companies receive a certificate, they prove their application has passed the virus check. However, not everyone can pay a certificate fee between $200 and $1100 per application. Some companies charge $200 per year and allow you to sign unlimited applications. An annual or single payment system is a serious cost for small entrepreneurs. Therefore, most of them avoid this expenditure.


So the occasional Windows protected your PC” error is not a virus. It just means that the developer didn’t have the means to pay the certification fee, so they released the app directly.


Viruses can be found in both certified and non-certified applications, so it’s important not to generalize them. For virus detection, you should run a scan before installing an app. 

How to solve the “Windows protected your PC” error?What to do with the error “Windows protected your PC”

The solution to this error is quite simple, but it is partially hidden by Windows, to make users think that the error is unresolvable. At the bottom of the error, there’s a single “Run” button. There is no “Run” option next to this button in the first place.


Click on the “Additional Information” link just below the error text and the “Run anyway” button becomes active. After clicking it, the installation starts, and the error is fixed.

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