How to Reinstall Audio Drivers on your Windows 10 PC

Updated: September 13, 2022

Table of contents

  1. Introduction 
  2. Preparing your sound drivers for reinstallation
  3. 3 quick ways to reinstall sound drivers 
    1. Use the Device Manager to fix this issue 
    2. Reinstall sound drivers from the Control Panel
    3. Use third-party software  
  4. Technical assistance center
  5. Inferences Summary

The sound on your device may disappear for various reasons. One of them is a problem with the computer’s audio drivers. Before dealing with the problem of the loss of sound, you should conduct an external diagnosis of your computer for the absence of damage.  Follow our instructions if you are confident that your technology is in good working condition. 

First, try restarting the device or checking the cable connections. If all the cables are connected to the correct sources, but there is still no sound, the problem is in the sound drivers. In our instructions, we will consider reinstalling sound drivers manually. If your device is new, you may need to install audio drivers first. For a quick installation, you can also use our guide on installing audio drivers on Windows 10.

Preparing your sound drivers for reinstallation

Before reinstalling sound drivers on Windows 10, perform an automatic error check on your device. To do this, open your settings and look for the “Troubleshoot Security Engine” tab. Select “Test the Sound,” and the computer will be automatically analyzed for problems.

Reinstalling the audio driver is the final stage in checking the audio. Before continuing, check a few factors:

  • Turn off and then turn on your computer; 
  • Replug the cable – it may be moving away from the source in the power supply;
  • Check the sound settings on the computer;
  • Optimize your computer by closing most programs;
  • Upgrade your Windows to the latest version;
  • Connect an audio enhancement device (a special system that is used for clarifying audio recordings by reducing the unwanted noise);
  • Analyze your device for malware;
  • Revise your privacy settings.

Let’s quickly figure out what a driver is before reinstalling the sound driver on Windows 10. A driver is a program for a computer that has access to a specific piece of hardware. To find your drivers, turn on “Start” and choose  “Properties,” then “Driver” – and see if updates are available for it. 

All available updates can also be found on the Windows website or by contacting a technical support specialist. Sometimes it is enough to update the drivers without reinstalling them. 

If previous methods haven’t helped you, follow our guide to reinstall the audio drivers. 

3 quick ways to reinstall sound drivers

Use the Device Manager to fix this issue

The Device Manager

If you want to reinstall the sound card driver for Windows 10, you need to find the name of this audio card. To do this, open “Start” and enter the request “Device Manager.” Then choose the tab “Sound, video and game controllers.” There will be the name of the audio card. For example, we have “Realtek Definition Audio.” Depending on the Windows version, there may be an error designation if one of the drivers does not work.

Sound card name "Realtek Definition Audio"

To reinstall the sound driver with Device Manager, choose “Start”, then open the tab “Audio and video devices,” and there will be the type of the card. Next, select the “Reinstall audio driver” line.

If your device does not have another driver, download it and then select it from the list of available drivers. Note that drivers need to be updated frequently to work properly. We also advise you to install Windows version 10 or 11. All you need to do after these steps is to restart the device.

Reinstall sound drivers from the Control Panel

Reinstall sound drivers from the Control Panel

The second way is to reinstall the drivers through the Control Panel. To do it, follow our instructions. In the Control Panel, you need to choose the tab “Hardware and Sound.” There you can find your sound control device and reinstall it.

Use third-party software

If it’s challenging for you to do everything manually, you can contact Howly experts for help. Also, you can use third-party software.

Note: Download such software only from official websites or app stores and choose only reviewed and proven programs you can trust.

Third-party software may vary in function, but here is an example of its work based on the Driver Booster app. 

Follow these instructions to reinstall audio drivers on your computer:

  • Download the necessary software. In this case, Driver booster.
  • Click on the “Next” tab twice.
  • Wait a couple of minutes for the installation to finish.
Start the program and choose the "Scan"
  • Start the program and choose the “Scan.” 
  • Detect the wrong drivers or update them.

The DriverHub program will also allow you to reinstall the sound drivers on your computer. After analyzing the system, you can update your audio driver to the latest version.

Technical assistance center

If you can not figure out how to reinstall the audio driver on Windows 10, we advise you to contact the technical center for help. Usually, the solution to such a problem is relatively cheap, so it can save you not only time but also money.

To successfully reinstall speakers on Windows 10, you can go to the Microsoft or Windows websites and find the instructions you need. However, on the website, you may not find the necessary Windows 7 or XP instructions, so you can follow our guide or ask Howly experts for help. They will provide you with working customized instructions for your PC.


So, in order to reinstall the sound drivers on your device, you need to understand the key points of how your device works. More specifically, you need to know where drivers are and how you can find them on your device. According to our instructions, you will find out how to uninstall and reinstall sound drivers. We hope this information was helpful for you. 



There are three ways you can reinstall the sound drivers. The first way is to use the Driver Manager, the second one is through the Control Panel and the third one is with the help of the third-party software. Note that the first method is more convenient and faster, but the second is suitable for devices with Windows 7 and earlier versions. The third way may be helpful if the first two failed to help and to simplify the manual settings.

But before you start, we advise you to check for updates and whether the computer has external damage.

In order to reinstall the audio drivers with the Device Manager, you first need to search for it. Then by selecting the “Audio and video devices” tab, you will find your audio driver. If you have already downloaded a new driver on your computer, simply click on it and select the “Uninstall driver” option. After that, click “Reinstall,” then restart your computer. To reinstall the driver in the Control Panel, follow the same guide by opening the “Hardware and Audio” tab. You can also reinstall your audio drivers by using third-party services. To do this, you need to download the necessary software, scan for wrong drivers and update them.

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