Updated: March 30, 2023
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When I turn off my LG TV it also turns off my Humax Freesat box

I don't want it to do this as I use Free sat to listen to radio statiosn. (Free View is severly limited here)

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It's down to CEC HDMI control on the LG TV. LG calls the system Simplelink. Look for it in the TV setup options and turn it off.

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OK can you wait until I find it?

Sure thing. Let me provide detailed instructions for you

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  1. Press the HOME button on the remote control and select Setting icon at the top right.
  2. Go to All Settings icon > General and select SIMPLINK to OFF. (HDMI-CEC).
  4. Configure the Auto Power Sync settings to OFF.
    Let's try this one and tell me how it goes, please.
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Step 2...I have gone to home and selected Setting on the top right of the remote.
Gone to General but can't find Simolink
Sorry Simplink

What model of TV do you have?

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Wait one

Take your time

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Try to look at the "Connections" tab - then click on the "Device connection settings".

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OK I have several choices up now

Please provide me with those options.

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Set top box; Blu Ray/DVD; Home theatre; Bluetooth/sound bar; speaker/headphones; game console; smartphone; PC; external storage; other box
Should say set top box/ott is the first choice in the list

You have entered through the "connections" tab, right?

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Yes. I am now on the DEVICE CONNECTOR page

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Let's try this one from the beginning. Please open the "Settings" app and then press "General" and tell me what you see there.

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Language; LOCATION; Time and date; Timers; AI Service; Account management; Eco Mode; About this TV; Additional Settings

Is there any way you can scroll down or that's all options available?

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Opening Additional settings now

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Home settings; Quick Start+; Advertisment; Standby light; LG Wirless keyboard; Settings help; Screen saver; Home/store mode

Ok, thank you.
Could you please take a photo of the settings menu on your phone and send it to our email address? — help@howly.com

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OK Done

Yes, I received the picture
Is the menu scrollable further down, or "HOME/STORE MODE" is the last entry in it?

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Home?Store is the last entry

Then please step one level up and go from GENERAL to the CONNECTION menu

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OK done

Is there an entry titled SIMPLINK or HDMI-CEC entry in that submenu?

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There is refeerence to Simplink in the HDMI device settings box

Please open that reference

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Done and |I have Simplink turned on. Shou;d I turn it off?

Yes, please

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Can you see "Auto Power Sync" in the same menu?

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Please set it to OFF as well

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It is off

Now, please exit the menu and check if the issue is still there

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OK I will turn off the set and check

Thank you

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The freesat box is remaining on when the TV is off. Thank you very much for your help today

You are welcome, *****!
Is there anything else you need help with?

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Wish you a great evening and goodbye!

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No thanks

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