Updated: March 21, 2023
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Plugged unit in a different spot and now it doesn’t work

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Can you please explain the issue in detail? What device are you referring to?

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alexa Won’t work


Can you please clarify what exactly doesn't work? It's not turning on?

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Nothing works. It just sits there. No connection to any network

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Could you please tell me when and how did the problem occur?

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30 minutes ago. It never came on after plugging it into a new location. And the outlet works.

If your Alexa device is not responding, this might be due to a poor internet connection. Check the cable connection of all your smart home devices. Other reasons include physical interference, wrong Wi-Fi password, or too much distance between the Echo device and the router
Does it give you at least any signals or blinking lights maybe?

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No signal or blinking lights

Is it charged?

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Don’t know what that means. Will try getting closer to the router

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Alexa must be plugged in. The networking is wireless, but the power is not in it. For the echo dot v3, there are lots of battery packs available that you connect to it, and it provides the power while the battery pack still has power.

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it Looks like success

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