Updated: April 19, 2023
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I can't seem to remove the talking CID from this new land line phone system

I tried the Code 162 without success.

Short summary:

  1. Press the MENU button on your handset.
  2. Navigate to the Phonebook option using the # key.
  3. Enter 162 on the keypad and change the option from "on" to "off".
  4. Press the SAVE button and a wrench symbol should appear above the Talking CID.
  5. To change the number of rings, press the MENU button again.
  6. Enter the numbers 2-1-1 on the keypad.
  7. Choose the number of rings you prefer from the options presented.
  8. Press the arrow button to display the ring count you want.
  9. Press the SAVE button, then press the OFF button to return to the main display screen.

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Please specify your phone model.

Customer Replay

Just downloaded a new land line phone system and want to eliminate the /Panasonic KX-TGF975
Want to eliminate the talking CID. Tried the 'code 162' off entry which did not do anything


Could you please tell me what was happen when you typed the number 162?

Customer Replay

It came up with an "on" respnse and I change that to "off" which did not end the talking when the phone rang

You wouldn't mind trying it again together step by step

Customer Replay

OK, using a different phone

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Use the phone with which you have an issue

Customer Replay

OK let me go get it from another location
Back to this desktop

Top answer

Please enter your Panasonic menu until you see a menu that says enter number, then enter the numbers 162

Customer Replay

I entered on the menu, different phone than previous because I'm not sure which was original. Tapped MENU, Phonebook came first, tapped the # and '162' and 'on' came up for talking CID! So I am thinking to push the down arrow to change to 'off' as I did before?

Yes, please
And than SAVE

Customer Replay

done ahd a wrench symbol appears above the Talking CID

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Can you see the options Handset and Base unit?

Customer Replay

Not from here, You might call the Phone and see if the talking cid remains or not, and I can answer that phone. I imagine the same result as I have done before will remain, but maybe you had some magic in this effort? Waiting for your response to this idea

That's a good idea, but unfortunately I can't call you.

Customer Replay

Well, maybe I can use my cellphone to call my land line and see what happens. Do I need to be any distance away from the Base?

Not necessarily, you can distance yourself a few steps

Customer Replay

OK, I'm going to make the call, Will be away for a couple of minutes....
Well, I do not what happened. The call did not complete. There was a bell symbol with a slash through it, and I'm not sure but a call block indication which may have been a carry over from my wife blocking a spam call. We had a friend here who used her cellphone to call. I could not place my own cellphone, and at this moment I'm a bit helpless. I don't know we can receive a call to the land line right this minute! I'm playing with the block, nonblock situation to see if there is something with this function, and will try to receive a call with or without the talking cid....Not sure we should continue unless you have some idea of what might have happened...

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I'm going to send you an image now, tell me if the icon you saw on the screen looked like this


Customer Replay

No not the image. I found my cellphone and called the land line.... It responded with a Talking CID, and there was the bell shaped symbol with a diagonal slash across it and the words tele.blk to the right side of the symbol

Please clarify, the image I sent does not look like the symbol you saw?

Customer Replay


Got it
Please tell me, after you turned off the CID function and pressed save, what appeared on the screen?

Customer Replay

Hey I just called again and it may be working......but it only rang two times but without TALKING CID. If we can get to a 4 or 5 ring I could answer calls without hearing the TALKING CID and the written CID remained, at least that last time. The Slashed Bell with TELE.BLK did not appear this last time

Great, that's progress

Customer Replay

I think I saw somewhere in the instructions where to change the ring numbers so will try to make the greater number of ring times

If you want, I can send you the instructions

Customer Replay

Hey, do that! I've looked so many places in these instructions and have yet to find where I can change the number of ringtimes

Top answer
  1. Using your handset, press the button below the word “Menu” on your display screen and then press the # key.
  2. Then, enter the numbers 2-1-1.
    Your screen will display a number of options
  3. that you can choose such as “2 rings,” “3 rings,” “4 rings,” “5 rings,” etc.
  4. Then press the arrow up or the arrow down button to display the ring count that you would like.
  5. Once you are at the desired ring count, press the button under the word “Save” on your screen and then press the “Off” button to end the programming session and return to your main display screen.
Customer Replay

OK, I'm hoping this will make everything all right, I thank you for your time, I'm worn out from this effort!!!

I'm glad if I could help

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