Updated: June 07, 2023
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I bought 5 $100 Amazon gift cards and 1 of them didn't work

Short summary:

  1. Carefully double-check the gift card details to ensure that you have entered the code correctly.
  2. Pay close attention to any letters, numbers, or special characters that might be easily mistaken or confused.
  3. Remember that some gift card codes can be lengthy and challenging to read, so it's crucial to enter them accurately.
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Please check the Amazon Gift Card Details:

  1. Double-check the gift card details to ensure you entered the code correctly
  2. Pay attention to any letters, numbers, or special characters that may be easily confused.
  3. Sometimes, the code can be lengthy and difficult to read, so it's important to enter it accurately.
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I used it to try get my business account setup on cash app but they claim that it was a bad card

Amazon.com Gift Cards can only be used on Amazon.com. If the gift card is from a retailer other than Amazon.com, contact that retailer for assistance.

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How do I get my money back

You mean a refund for gift card, right?

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Sorry, but it is against Amazon's policy to refund gift cards, so I would recommend using your gift card on their site.

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