Updated: April 12, 2023
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How to open the Denon CEOL CD Tray

The batteries are fine in the remote. The CD button does not respond when pressed

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Did you try to do anything to fix the problem?

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its a new machine. It’s connected to my wiu as instructed, there’s nothing else I can do
no other options.

Noted, thank you!
Can you open it with the button on the device?

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Remote is working as I can turn power on and off. Nothing else on remote works

Okay, thank you!
Are you able to open it any other way?

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no, there’s no way of pulling it open. It’s flush to the machine

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Thank you!
Did you try to turn off the machine and then turn it on back?

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Still no luck?

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Do you have a button to open the CD tray on the device?

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no, only on the remote

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Please, provide me with the model of the device.

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Denon CEOL


RCD N-10 or RCD N-11?

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Thank you!
Follow these steps to troubleshoot this issue:
1. Power off your CD player.
2. Unplug the power cord for 60 seconds, and then plug it back in.
3. Power on your device.
4. Try to open or close the disc drawer or tray

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Yes plugging back in. Just a sec
Nope, still nothing

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Did you try to change the batteries in your remote?

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The remote works as it will switch power on and off. But none of the other buttons work

The first thing you should try is replacing the batteries in the remote control. Low batteries can cause buttons to become unresponsive.

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Ok, ill do that. Please stay with me

Sure, I am here, take your time!

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no, no joy

Please, look for a button on the front or top of the device labeled "open/close" or something similar.

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no nothing, just volume and navigation wheel

Please check if there is nothing in CD tray, maybe smth can block it.

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if I could only open I could tell you… and I wouldn’t be asking for advice!

Let's check this way:
Please press the CD button on your remote but be too close to it, just hear if it "tries" to open and something is blocking it.

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no, noise at all from remote or tray

Try using the wheel to navigate to the CD icon and then press down on the wheel to select it. This may prompt the CD tray to open.

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ok tried using the nav wheel. The display says No Disc.
pressed remote, still unesponsive

Make sure the device is turned on and the CD is loaded: The CD tray may not open if the device is turned off or there is no CD loaded. Check that the device is on and a CD is loaded.

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The device is turned on, there’s no CD as I cannot open drawer. I have only just bought the machine, so trying to set it up.

I got it, please hold on.

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Set up WI FI connection, all the difficult stuff. Just stuck on trying to put in a disc

During shipping and handling, some devices have transport screws that secure the CD tray in place. Please check if there is none of them.

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where would this be, underneath?
It’s just a square white box with no visible screws or fixings

They may be located near the edges of the tray or underneath the tray.

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Everythin g is flush, nothing to see. Nothing underneath either

I got it, thanks!

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Done it! Don’t ask me how, I pressed the button on the right on the machine, I’ve pressed it before but nothing happened.
Just in case you get asked this question again.

That's a good news!
Please check also any screws inside the tray, to be sure!

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I will, thank you. Maybe it needs to ‘settle’ as you do with a fridge or freezer

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