What does Amazon's digital charge mean?

Updated: June 12, 2023
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What does Amazon's digital charge mean?
by Mykola Hezhoian
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There are plenty of Amazon services, which might be confusing. If you need help figuring out why there is an Amazon digital charge on your credit card, read this article.

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What is Amazon's digital charge?

This giant tech company provides digital services. So you may see the fee for them as Amazon digital charge. Plans and subscriptions vary between $1-120. They are always labeled as Amazon Digital Svcs in your statements. So you'll not miss them.

Check the Amazon website's Accounts & Lists/Orders/Digital orders section to verify your one-time purchases and the Memberships & Subscriptions section, if it's a subscription plan.

How much are Amazon digital charges?

The price varies depending on the service:

  • Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Music, and Audible memberships start from almost $8/month.
  • Prime Video costs approximately $15/month.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive is the cheapest option for $7/month for 1 TB of cloud storage.

Remember that annual prices are more lucrative than monthly payments. It may look more expensive from the beginning, but in monthly recalculation, it will be far more beneficial to you.

What are Amazon's digital services?

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Amazon charges digital downloads as one-time fees for items like e-books or movies or as regular subscription fees to access the services. What kind of content can Amazon sell to you?

Amazon Prime Video

What does Amazon digital charge mean?

It’s Amazon's video streaming service. The content varies from rom-coms to documentalist movies. Moreover, Amazon releases exclusive content like the famous "The Rings of Power" TV series. So Amazon Prime Video is a good rival of other TV streaming services.

You may see service fees such as AMZN Prime, Prime Video, etc.

Kindle Unlimited

What does Amazon digital charge mean?

This service offers an enormous digital library, including e-books, periodicals, and audiobooks. You can browse various categories for business, history, and fiction. You can download and read your content right in your Kindle e-book reader.

Kindle Unlimited has an app for Android and iOS, so the reader can enjoy their favorite pieces wherever they like with a moderate Amazon digital charge as compared to buying all titles one by one.

You may see fees from this service like AMZN KDL, Kindle, KNDL, etc.

Amazon Audible

What does Amazon digital charge mean?

The same thing as Kindle Unlimited goes along with books Amazon Audible displays audiobooks, podcasts, radio shows, including even audio tracks for better sleep. The service is subscribed, with numerous choices for every wallet. In this case, fees will look like ADBL, Amazon Audible, or something similar.

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Amazon Music Unlimited

What does Amazon digital charge mean?

Another streaming service from Amazon is Amazon Music Unlimited. It contains over 75 million tracks, channels, podcasts, and playlists that have been expertly curated and are all available.

You can download and listen to the content offline without additional Amazon digital charges because it is entirely ad-free. You may see its charges as AMZN MSC, Amazon Music, etc.

Amazon Kids+

What does Amazon digital charge mean?

This service offers high-quality content for kids from fairy tales and short stories to games and cartoons. As the content is completely kid-friendly, you won't have to worry about your child watching an improper movie. And parent control might help to filter out content according to age and limit screen time.

Charges from it will have Amazon Kids, AMZN KDS, or something similar in its name.

Amazon Drive

What does Amazon digital charge mean?

Cloud storage from Amazon is called Amazon Drive. You may access your stored files, photographs, and movies from anywhere. The first 5GB is free of charge, but if you want additional space, you must be a member.

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As you might guess, bills from it will have AMZN DRV, Amazon Drive, or something similar that reminds you of this service.

Are there any free Amazon digital services?

Unfortunately, no. But most of them have a free trial for 14-30 days. All services listed above are pre-paid; however, there are several things you can do to manage it.

If you need to watch some Amazon content, but don’t want to pay for it, use the trial version. But don’t forget to cancel your membership before billing.

The second possibility is using Amazon Prime to present much more than simply digital content. Nevertheless, read the list of the services it offers to decide whether you need them.


Why should I buy Amazon’s digital content?

It has a big library of content to stream and download, including hundreds of original services and movies. Content access is quick and user-friendly on any platform. Pricing is reasonable and sometimes even cheaper than in rivals.

How to avoid Amazon digital charges?

Set the timer to cancel the services you don't use before billing day. Ensure that your email address is up-to-date to receive timely notifications. Reduce the number of services you use simultaneously. Contact Amazon support for a refund if you are being charged for a service you do not want.

Where can I find my Amazon digital charge?

Search the Amazon Digital Svcs code in your financial statement. Alternatively, you may go to Amazon's website and click Payments and Transactions three times in your account. The information from the account should mirror the statements, so you’ll be sure that it’s legal and not a fraud.

Summing up

Amazon claims charges for digital goods or services, including apps, e-books, music, and Kindle Unlimited. Go to Amazon's website to check the card's Amazon digital expenses and your current plan.

There are two options to pay for the services: monthly and annually. If you are sure that you’ll be using the service at least 5-7 months a year, we recommend you annual membership. The yearly subscription is cheaper than the monthly recalculation.

These expenses for Amazon services can appear in your bank statements in several ways, whether denoting Seattle headquarters or not. In any way, it’s better to check the withdrawal additionally from your account and the payment options on the listed service.

If you need assistance in this issue and beyond, remember to chat with the Howly team. We're always here to help.

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Amazon digital charges may appear on your credit card statement as Amazon Digital Services or a similar name.
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Review your Amazon account settings to ensure that all payment information is accurate and up to date.
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Amazon provides customer support for all of its digital services, including help with identifying and disputing unauthorized charges.
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If you share your Amazon account with others, make sure to monitor your digital purchases carefully to avoid any confusion or unauthorized charges.
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If you notice any unauthorized charges on your credit card statement, contact Amazon customer service immediately to report the issue and request a refund.
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Amazon digital charges may include purchases for ebooks, music, video streaming, app purchases, or subscription fees for services like Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited.
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It's important to review your credit card statements and recognize Amazon charges.
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