What to do if WhatsApp photo quality is decreasing

Updated: May 15, 2023
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What to do if WhatsApp photo quality is decreasing
by Mia Green
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WhatsApp is the most common messaging application. However, using it may be tricky because it takes various measures to reduce server costs. The measures taken may cause users to wonder what they can do if WhatsApp photo quality is decreasing.

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In this article, we compiled various causes and solutions for quality loss. Although the primary source of the problem is WhatsApp itself, it is known that shooting errors also cause photo quality loss.

Reasons for WhatsApp photo quality decline

For those who say WhatsApp photo quality is decreasing, let's first list the reasons that may cause this problem:

  • WhatsApp photo upload setting is set to low quality.
  • Usage of a very old WhatsApp version.
  • Insufficient lighting in the shooting environment.
  • Shooting settings are set to low quality.
  • Usage of a low-tech front camera.
  • Uploading photos that are too large in pixel size.
  • Obtaining the photo from places such as Google Drive, etc. may degrade the quality.

If you think that WhatsApp photo quality declines, try these options

If we do not change any settings in WhatsApp, the photo quality will inevitably decrease. It happens because WhatsApp tries to save server space by compressing photo size. Compressed photos inevitably lose a certain amount of quality. To minimize this, WhatsApp offers several options to its users.

Those who say WhatsApp photo quality decreases will likely eliminate the problem after making the necessary settings on WhatsApp. Nevertheless, if this does not help, some alternatives exist to get rid of the problem.

Change WhatsApp photo quality setting

Change WhatsApp photo quality setting
  1. Open the WhatsApp app and tap the ellipsis icon in the top right corner.
  2. Tap "Settings" among the options.
  3. Go to the "Storage and data" section from the screen that appears.
  4. Tap "Photo upload quality" under the "Media upload quality" heading at the bottom.
  5. Finally, select "Highest quality" from the options and tap "OK".
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Store your photos on a computer or phone if possible

Online storage sites can optimize their users' uploaded files to a certain extent. Sometimes you are even unaware of this process. If the service has a setting for the quality of the photos, change it first. However, this is a rare option. If you are sure that the quality deteriorates after uploading your photo to the system, it is better not to use it. You can use many local storage options instead, such as a computer, phone, microSD card, USB stick, or external disk to store/backup your photos.

Try to keep WhatsApp updated

Older versions of apps are often problematic. These problems are eliminated in each new version. You can keep your WhatsApp up to date to avoid the problem of WhatsApp photo quality decreasing. Of course, updated apps can also cause problems and inappropriate situations. In this case, it is useful to be conscious about application usage.

You may have some shortcomings in shooting

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Sometimes users may think that the quality loss they experience is entirely due to apps. In fact, there are multiple reasons for quality loss. We have listed the solutions to the most common causes for those who have problems with WhatsApp photo quality:

  • All apps, including WhatsApp, either do not accept large files or compress them significantly. For this reason, the pixel size, i.e., the resolution, should be moderate. For example, a resolution of 1920x1280 is preferable to 6000x4000. You can adjust this in the settings of your camera.
  • You should be careful when changing the resolution settings in the camera settings. Because of this, you may experience the problem of WhatsApp photo quality decreasing. If you want to shoot in Full HD, read the phrases written next to the resolution value carefully. In some resolutions, it is only possible to shoot in HD.
  • If your phone is mid-range or entry-level, it may be better to use the rear camera. Generally, the rear cameras on phones are of better quality. In some exceptional cases, front cameras can shoot well. You need to decide based on the technical specifications of your phone.
  • Insufficient lighting in the shooting environment is one of the main reasons for the loss of photo quality. You can turn on an additional light while shooting or take advantage of natural light from the sun. If there is still no improvement, change the ISO value in the camera settings.
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