Why does a hard disk make noise

The hard disc is making noise: causes and solutions

Updated: February 3, 2023

If you spot that the hard disk is producing noise this can mean serious problems  with the hardware. And your main task from that moment is to take measures to prevent data loss.

People often complain about hard disks misfunctioning. Most commonly, the read/write head in the hard disk makes noise when working with the data from the plate. The intensity and shape of the sound make it easier to understand and solve the problem. Here are a few practical solutions you can use when your hard disk starts producing noise.

Hard disk sound problemWhy does a hard disk make noise

Shaking, as well as power outages and impacts, can cause serious damage to the hard disk. To avoid data loss, your first step should be to make a backup without waiting for the hard disk failure.

Nevertheless, hard disk noise problems do not always occur due to serious problems. Thus, some users who face the issue manage to solve this problem after a simple check.

The hard disk can make an unimaginable noise if the fixing screws loosen. You can fix this issue on your own. But if you hesitate about opening your computer and completing a few simple manipulations, be sure to contact a technical expert.

If you decide to fix the issue without additional help, follow a few easy steps:

  • Unplug all the cables on your desktop computer
  • You can touch a metal surface that is not in contact with anything electrical. In this way, you will take precautions against electricity shocks. 
  • Open the computer case cover and start tightening the hard disk fixing screws. 
  • If there are screws that you think may be missing, you can install new screws of the appropriate size.

If you are a beginner and have never tackled hardware issues, it is better to entrust your issue to a technical support expert.

The system requirements of the software you are running may not match the capacity of your computer. For this reason, there may be created an excessive load on other components, including the hard disk. If you are constantly hearing read/write noise, you may need to update your hardware.

Notably, simply buying a new hard disk may not be the solution. It would be more beneficial to add RAM or update other outdated/low-capacity components.

There are many reasons that may cause hard disk noises. Hard disk bad sector failure, problematic firmware, and head problems are only several on the list. If beeps and clicks are coming from the hard disk, repair may be required. In such a case, get technical support without intervening yourself. 

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