The touchpad doesn’t work on the Xiaomi laptop

Updated: April 05, 2023
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The touchpad doesn’t work on the Xiaomi laptop
by Hanna Finley
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If the touchpad of your Xiaomi laptop refuses to function properly, your further work with the device becomes impossible. After all, not all users have a wired mouse that can take over the case. It is important to find the cause of the problem as soon as possible and promptly fix it.

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Hardware malfunctions

In some cases, the problem is caused by hardware issues. If the touchpad stub is broken, malfunctions are quite probable.

Hardware malfunctions

To clarify if it's the reason, you need to disassemble the laptop and then carefully examine the condition of the loop and the peculiarities of its connection with the motherboard. If any defects are detected, they must eliminate them immediately. It will help to restore the touch panel operation.

Often the only possible way out is a complete replacement of the component. Only an experienced technician can answer if it's feasible.

Word of advice: Never try to repair your laptop by yourself.

An inexperienced user can sometimes, even at the disassembly stage, make some serious mistakes that endanger the proper functioning of the key elements of the device.

It is also worth adding that, in some cases, other problems accompany the failure of the touchpad. For example, other important components may fail to work. The reason often lies in the motherboard malfunction, but this is a more complicated issue, which is discussed separately. Professional help is also required here.

Problems not related to hardware

These problems are less serious but still require attention and specific actions to fix them.

  • The first is the usual shutdown. To make the item active again, it is enough to press a certain combination of buttons.
Power on and settings

Find the Fn at the bottom of the keyboard, and then look closely at the top row of the buttons. You'll see that one of them has a picture of a touchpad on it. That's the one you'll need. The right tandem of hotkeys turns the touchpad on and then turns it off similarly.

If your Xiaomi laptop model has a special activation key in the area where the touchpad is located, you can also use it.

  • Problems with drivers. It is also worth checking the element's functionality with the Device Manager. It is necessary to determine whether the lack of touch response is not because the necessary drivers are not installed. You may have forgotten to do this when reinstalling a new operating system on your laptop.

In addition, the driver information needs to be updated regularly. It is possible that the gadget simply does not have up-to-date data, which prevents the touch panel from working. It is important to periodically check for updates so that you don't run into trouble at some point.

  • Problems with the connection. The toolbar also helps to make sure that the touchpad is accurately connected. All you have to do is go to the appropriate section of the menu and open the options. If you see that the device is active, then the problem lies in something else. Otherwise, just turn it on and save the changes you have made.
  • Conflict with other devices. It happens that connecting a wired mouse at the same time prevents the touchpad from working. If you have the mouse installed, deactivating it can save the situation.

None of the above actions helped? Then let's move on.

Careless use

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Maybe it's all about the banal contamination of the element?

Often users cannot imagine their day without a cup of coffee or tea or a sandwich near a laptop. Accidental spilling of various liquids and ingress of food particles provoke many problems inside the laptop nodes.

Careless use

The touchpad also suffers greatly because it needs proper cleaning after meals. Dirt and stains accumulate on it, preventing normal sensitivity.

A soft cotton swab, previously soaked in water, will help. Not too concentrated soapy water can be used. It is important not to let moisture get inside, acting very gently.

Afterward, you will need to wipe the touchpad with a cloth. The situation is much more complicated if you have spilled an aggressive liquid on the surface. You will unlikely be able to cope with this on your own without getting competent help from a specialist.

What else can be done?

  1. Sometimes it helps to install a new version of the operating system. This method is often helpful when no other methods work.
  2. You can also try running the system in Safe Mode. Is it working right away? On the one hand, this is very good. But on the other hand, there are most likely other problems that prevent individual components from functioning.
  3. Another valid option is to delete the item completely. Further updating the device list will help perform the installation again automatically.
  4. You can enter the BIOS after the laptop has rebooted and go to the Advanced tab. Find the Internal Pointing Device. Do you see the value Enabled? Then the touchpad must work. If it has a different value, change it to the one shown above. Be sure to save your changes.

Still need a professional approach?

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