Sleep Cycle — the best app to help you sleep right

Updated: May 15, 2023
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Sleep Cycle — the best app to help you sleep right
by Mia Green
Tech Expert & Writer
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Sleep is a very important part that influences our life. Besides, the quality and duration of your sleep will determine your success and productivity during the working day. For example, some people do not get enough sleep for a long time because they go to bed late and wake up early. There are people who, on the contrary, sleep too much and because of this, too, feel very bad. Today, we will not talk about how much sleep a person should have because it's a very broad topic, but we will tell you about a program that allows you to safely deal with your sleep, wake up quickly and easily, get a ton of energy from it and enjoy life. The app is called Sleep Cycle, and I really think you will like it. So, let's see what it's about, and then you will decide whether you need such a thing or can do without it.

Before we start

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Sleep Tracking

Sleep Tracking

Before you go to sleep, you set the alarm and the period in which you need to wake up - for example, from 7:00 to 7:30, so you have time to get to your workplace before the start of the day. You can set your interval at your discretion, there is no problem, and you can set the alarm anytime. Next, you put the phone on charge, point the microphone toward you, and place the display on your desk. Through the microphone, the smartphone keeps track of how evenly you sleep and which periods you toss the most, then calculates when you will have an easy sleep phase and wakes you up when it's easiest for you to wake up. This is an important point because waking up during heavy sleep phases is very problematic, in fact. Basically, this is where the essence of tracking your sleep ends, but it is enough to ensure that the user wakes up on time.


Sleep Tracking

An important element of the app is the sleep statistics - you get a clear graph that tells you when you have a deeper sleep and when it is a good phase to wake up. It is very useful because you can take it easy and self-adjust your sleep so that you wake up in the best phase and fall asleep when you are closer to the deepest phase of sleep. Of course, you will have to work on the tests for a few weeks and check how everything works, but you will be pleased with the result, without any doubt.

Paid subscription

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Many people are freaking out, but there's nothing wrong with a paid subscription - the app gives you the basic features for free. You just have to use it. In the paid subscription, which is paid for a year, you can store your sleep data on a remote server. You can watch sleep trends, see how well you sleep after different activities - run, record, and go to bed, and then see if you slept better or worse. Such details are needed only for those who have already figured it out and realized that this app is necessary for them.

Bottom line

For me, sleep is very important because sleeping a lot is simply an unacceptable luxury, there are so many interesting things around, and I want to try, evaluate, and test everything. But you also need to sleep in the right proportions and wake up easily, without a heavy head and muscles. For me, this app was a real discovery, I have been using this kind of program for some time, but they were less accurate. Here, on the other hand, everything works well, the waking music is nice, and it's easy to use the software. I advise everyone to try it.

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