Is it possible to change the matrix on a laptop?

Updated: April 05, 2023
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Is it possible to change the matrix on a laptop?
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Without a properly functioning screen, it is impossible to use your laptop computer. Therefore, a speedy recovery is a must in the case of damage or incorrect operation. The matrix of the gadget often suffers, and the reasons can be different. But how to understand that it is the case? Why does this happen? Is matrix the subject to successful replacement? The answers to the listed questions will be found in this article.

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Making sure it's about the matrix

Faulty image transmission isn't always directly related to the faulty state of the matrix. In some cases, the problem is due to a malfunction of the graphics card. Often serious software failures are entirely to blame.

You can try to determine if the matrix is the root cause of the problem. To do this, you need to connect your device to the TV or monitor. You should use a cable like HDMI. Did you see anything wrong? No color stripes or broken pixels? Is the picture clear and high quality? Then the problem is definitely a faulty matrix.


  • The matrix can fail due to any mechanical damage. Dropping the laptop from a sofa, table, or chair can also be a serious contributing factor.
  • Objects you left lying on the keyboard surface because of your negligence can cause considerable damage to the state of the laptop's matrix.
  • If you accidentally spill any drinks on the gadget's screen, we can't rule out the possibility of damaging it, too. The unhealthy habit of drinking tea, coffee, water, or juice near the laptop should be left in the past. Moreover, this problem is one of the most common among modern users.
  • However, we should not rule out the possibility of encountering a factory defect. This problem is often evident in the first days of usage, but sometimes it only happens months later. It is important to contact the appropriate service center immediately when a problem occurs and provide a warranty certificate.

How to replace the matrix on a laptop?

Replacing the matrix on a laptop

Let's note right away that successful replacement is possible. The procedure includes several steps. It is necessary to follow each of them clearly. It is what the general algorithm looks like.

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  1. The laptop should be disconnected from the mains. The battery must be removed. Otherwise, there is a great risk of a short circuit, inevitably leading to matrix loop burnout.
  2. All bolts on top of the cover must be unscrewed with an appropriately sized Phillips screwdriver.
  3. The internal clips should be released, and then the cover itself can be removed without hindrance.
  4. The corner bolts attaching the matrix should be unscrewed, and the cable that comes from the motherboard should be disconnected.
  5. It is now possible to remove the damaged matrix from the housing.

You can then proceed to install the new matrix. Of course, if you are sure that you have the required repairing skills.

How to purchase an appropriate new matrix?

There are many nuances to consider when choosing a new element. Even if a particular matrix at first glance fits perfectly, it does not mean that the installation is advisable.

Similar models often have completely different types of matrices. Reliable information about the required variation can be found on the label. The factory number is on the back of the component itself. Only this information will help to make the right choice and decide on installing a particular matrix.

Both types should be strictly the same diagonal, resolution, backlighting, number of pins, location of fasteners, and thickness.

Replacing the matrix is a responsible and serious task that should only be entrusted to experienced professionals. It guarantees full restoration of performance and minimizes the risks associated with inexperienced users.

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