T-Mobile charges

Updated: April 06, 2023
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T-Mobile charges
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T-Mobile is a popular US provider of numerous telecommunication services, including data security, app, and content purchases, charitable contribution services, government taxes, and fees, etc. Nevertheless, customers often complain about hidden T-Mobile fees and charges and other payment problems.

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Howly's team of tech specialists devoted a post to lead you through each of these themes. We are open for you 24/7 to get along with all your technical issues. Feel free to comment or contact our customer center for individual help. So let's dive in.

Apps & content purchases

T-Mobile's subscribers may buy applications and other digital content through their mobile handsets in online app stores. Nevertheless, it might happen that a customer pays accidentally. To avoid this, you can prohibit T-Mobile charges for apps and e-content.

Block purchases

For example, T-Mobile users may disable all app and content purchases on their accounts. For this purpose, do as follows:

  1. Log in to the T-Mobile website.
  2. Move to the My T-Mobile bar, and then go to the Usage area.
  3. Turn on blocking purchases by choosing the Block App Purchases line.

Done. If you need to buy an app, just turn it on again. Alternatively, you can manage Family Allowances for your family accounts.

Cancel app subscription

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Suppose a consumer aims to cancel previously purchased apps. In that case, they may do so through the app store on their smartphone or by calling T-Mobile customer care.

Attention! Always cancel the subscription before you uninstall the app. It will continue to T-Mobile charge even if you don’t use the app.

Subscription billing

T-Mobile also bills subscriptions regularly as a part of T-Mobile recurring charges. These costs are included in the customer's monthly bill. You can control it on the T-Mobile website's Usage page. Remember the following principles:

  • Billing starts from day one of the subscriptions. This date may differ from the T-Mobile bills. So be attentive to check the correct period while charging.
  • For third-party subscriptions, you'll need to pay for the whole period. The pro rata principle is not applied.
  • Third-party app subscriptions and T-Mobile billing system do not coincide. Sometimes, the part of the period due will appear in the next month.

Charitable donation services

T-Mobile charges include charitable gifts right from your smartphone. The funds will be deducted from their monthly payment and displayed on the bill. This function is called Text-to-Give.

The donations can be of two types: single-time and recurrent. You can cancel the latter by sending a message like STOP or CANCEL, and so on. After this, wait for the cancellation notification.

Government and T-Mobile taxes, fees & charges

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T-Mobile charges include government taxes and levies, as well as numerous T-Mobile expenses. Find the details of your plan in the bill.

Government Taxes & Fees

Government taxes and fees include sales tax, Universal Service Fund (USF) fees, and other regulatory costs. T-Mobile collects these taxes and fees and directs them to the jurisdiction that imposes them.

Many states and municipalities mandate cellphone operators to collect a fee for 911 money, phone sales and rentals, and other T-Mobile services, resulting in recurring charges T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Fees & Charges

According to the service agreement, T-Mobile charges include activation fees, early termination fees, device upgrade fees, etc. Such fees may include the following:

  • a monthly fee per line to recoup the Federal and State Universal Service Funds commissions. These funds donate social telecommunication services and other federal- and state-level activities;
  • regulatory programs, telecommunications recovery fees to comply with government laws, and duties like E911 and others. The Telco Recovery component charges fees for the transportation of calls among different networks, as well as the cost of communication infrastructure;
  • voice lines cost $3.49 per line per month;
  • mobile internet lines are $1.40 per month, etc.

The full list varies on your plan and location. For details, contact T-Mobile support.

Adjustments, refunds, and misc charges T-Mobile

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T-Mobile is open for modifications and reimbursements for a variety of reasons. To ask one, just contact the T-Mobile service center.


When you find an issue with their account, ask for an adjustment. For this purpose, go to the Monthly Summary option. After adjustment, the sum will be displayed in the total current T-Mobile Charges.

Deposit refund

If a consumer pays a deposit when signing up for T-Mobile service, they can refund this amount after a set time. Interest is calculated at the legal rate. At the same time, if you want to cancel the account, the final reimbursement will be after 30 days.

Payment refund

If a consumer overpays their bill by mistake, they can contact T-Mobile customer service for a refund. Nevertheless, T-Mobile charges refunds are possible within a calendar year from the date of request. Besides, there are limitations on the refund. For example, certain credit amounts are not refundable.

Change your due date

Once per account lifetime, a customer can change their monthly bill due date. AutoPay payments' due date is affected by this change too.

To request it, your payments must comply with several rules:

  • payments must be on time before six months;
  • government, corporate and public accounts might be lost.

Log in to the T-Mobile website and move to the Billing page to do so.

Payment issues

If a consumer is experiencing payment trouble, contact T-Mobile support. T-Mobile accepts many payment methods, including autopay, online bill pay, and phone payment for recurring charges T-Mobile. Let's consider them closer.

Payment period

Electronic payments are normally processed immediately, but it might take up to one day. Moreover, AutoPay transactions are completed automatically two days before your due date. Third-party transfers, including mail payments, are processed within seven to ten days.

Returned payment

Keep the following in mind if your payment is returned:

  • you bear the bank costs;
  • within 30 days minimum, electronic check payments will be blocked;
  • repeated returned payments may block electronic payments in the future.

Late payment

Even if you face financial difficulties and need more time to make your payment, make a payment arrangement to delay the payments officially. But you'll have to pay the debt to avoid T-Mobile late payment charge.

For disputed charges, pay the entire amount to prevent service disruption and late fees. Credits will be applied to an upcoming bill.

Missing payments

If you have multiple T-Mobile accounts, check that the money goes to the right one.

To contact the service center, gather as much information about the receipt – when, how, and where you paid. Your payment should be present on your T-Mobile account. If not, contact your bank.


How can I avoid unauthorized app T-Mobile charges?

You can disable all app and content purchases on your account. Enter the T-Mobile website for the Usage section and pick Ban App Purchases. It will help.

Can I cancel my T-Mobile subscription to the app I previously purchased?

You may cancel your membership through your device's app store or call T-Mobile customer service. The costs will be removed from your T-Mobile statement.

Does T-Mobile charge interest on phones?

No, instead, they charge a monthly device payment that is equally distributed over the course of your financing period.

Summing up

Finally, T-Mobile provides various services to its consumers, including app and content purchases, subscription billing, charity, government taxes, fees, etc. Consumers may manage T-Mobile usage charges by visiting the T-Mobile website or calling customer care. However, there are some charging practices where billing systems of, for example, apps do not coincide with internal T-Mobile procedures.

If you struggle to cope with it, contact our specialist support. They will be in touch 24/7 until the problem is solved. Knowing these issues will save you from paying additional fees in your bill.

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