Roku TV Green screen

Updated: March 14, 2023
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Roku TV Green screen
by Rostyslav Vieliiev
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Roku is one of the most affordable TCL products, though many customers report problems with its screen being green. Sometimes an issue like this is caused by a bug because of the recent updates or worn HDMI cables. We've included a few practical tips in this article that might help you to fix Roku TV green screen errors including TCL TV green screen.

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What is the cause of green screen Roku TV?

An issue of green screen can only be found on the application, but not on live and local broadcasts. A recent update caused some troubles for the majority of users.

Moreover, there might be some problems with your HDMI cable or video drivers as they control the RGB colors on the smart TV.

The same thing is about other connections, including the Roku stick. They may cause TCL green screen too. Go to your TV and check the HDMI ports. Try alternative cables. Replace the extension on your Roku stick if it's broken.

How to fix the TCL Roku TV green screen?

Before you review the steps below, prefer the simpler alternatives. Check all the cable connections and the wire integrity. If these didn't help, move to the following steps.

Restart the system

Roku TV Green screen

The easiest Roku green screen fix is restarting the TV. It should stay unpowered for a minute at least. Then plug it in, and open any app to see if the problem is still there.

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If the problem is not fixed, open the Home menu with the remote control and find Settings. It has the Restart option. Confirm and wait until the system restarts.

Do a soft reset

Alternatively, try to do a soft reset. It will leave your data and settings untouched but likely help to TCL Roku green screen.

  1. Remove the Roku stick, if any, and unplug your TV.
  2. Leave it for several minutes. Usually, it takes from five to ten.
  3. Turn on your TV with Roku.

If this doesn't solve the TCL TV green screen, proceed to the next steps.

HDMI Cable

If your TV has many connected video cables, you can also have a green screen on Roku device. Besides, a corrupted HDMI cable connection may cause the error.

Check them by disconnecting or switching different cables. The lesser cables, the better. Moreover, try to adjust the HDMI settings:

  1. Open Roku Settings and pick the TV inputs.
  2. Switch HDMI mode.
  3. The values should be 1.4 or 2.0, and then check if Roku TV green screen fix.

Factory reset

Roku TV Green screen
  1. Find the Home button on your remote to call for a home screen.
  2. Access Roku, the Advanced Settings, and scroll down (or swipe) to access them.
  3. Confirm by entering the password. Check if the reset helped.
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If you have a Roku TCL green screen, restart the system. Press Home five times, the Up arrow, the Rewind, and the Fast Forward. The screen freezes and then go turning on and off several times. In a minute, it will finally turn on.

If you have a TCL Android or Google TV green screen, reset your TV with a button on its back. Check where to find it in the TV manual. Hold it until you see the TV is reacting. After turning it on, the problem should go away.

To reset to factory settings with a pinhole, push and hold the controller or a paper clip for at least 10 seconds. If the device does not respond, press a built-in reset button. After the reset, an LED light should begin to blink. You may find that on the bottom or back of your smartphone.

Now set up your Roku TV and see whether the error has been resolved.

Toggle between local TV and the Roku app

If you see TCL Roku TV green screen when streaming services, the solution is simple. Switch the device to the local TV and then back or any other TV app.

Update TCL TV operating system

Check that your OS is up-to-date. Older versions can not comply with the current requirements and protocols of your monitor or resolution settings.

Use the Home button:

  1. Hit Up and proceed to Settings
  2. Find the System Menu and System Update.

Here you can check the current version of the operating system. If you click Check Now, the TV OS will automatically update. It will stop Roku TV from showing green screen.

Cancel quick start

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If your TCL TV has a quick start feature, it may be the cause of Roku green screen. This feature maintains the network connection when powered off. Thus, the device gets ready to use fast but the software may not load correctly.

Disable it on TCL Roku TV green screen fix:

  1. Take the remote control and hit the Home button.
  2. Move through the menu to find System Settings.
  3. Click Fast TV Start and switch it off.

Disable it on TCL Android TV as follows:

  1. Enter Settings menu.
  2. Click for more, then choose Quick Start in Device Preferences.
  3. Click Fast TV Start and switch it off.


Suppose nothing helped, address the manufacturer for assistance. Get in touch with the Roku support team, as well, if you see this TCL Roku TV green screen. They might assist you in a permanent Roku green screen fix.


Why does my Roku remote blink?

Reconnect the power cord after waiting around five seconds as you unplug your TV.
For three seconds, or until the flashes the remote’s pairing light, press the pairing button within the remote's battery compartment for a couple of seconds. If the light doesn't flash, try again until it does. It also provides Roku green screen fix.

Why is the purple and green on my TV screen?

This may happen If your TV's HDMI connector does not use the proper color scheme. It results in color range irregularities between the TV and Roku, which results in a color overlay (Green/Purple/Blue) on your screen. You may fix this by turning on RGB model mode.

How can I make my work again while Roku TV screen is green?

1. The cable connection to the TV must be solid.
2. Reset your streaming device.
3. Directly connect your cable to your TV.

Where is the button on Roku remote to reset?

Near the batteries, find the reset button. Hold it for 5 seconds at least. Wait until the light is flashing. The re-pairing process might take up to 30 seconds. Wait for a notification on the screen.

Wrapping Up 

A green screen is the last thing you want to encounter when using your Roku TV. It is annoying and frustrating.

This article could help you solve TCL Roku TV green screen on your own.

If all these methods fail to work or the problem occurs continuously, consider contacting Roku or TCL's support staff for more assistance. Or rely on the Howly team; we are here you support you 24/7. Howly attracts high-experienced tech specialists from various fields. We are in touch 24/7 to guide and aid you with all technical issues.

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Possibly as a result of the most recent upgrade, this has been occurring every few days for the past month. For a few days, a restart cures it, but it is still really bothersome.
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smart and easy fix!
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Oh my my, I’m so grateful for this quick remedy! Other repairs required changing out wires and reaching the back of my TV, which would be more difficult than brain surgery!
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you saved my evening)
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good idea, thanks
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Thanks for the help and quick fix!😀
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i always go to support in this case
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Ours began in the same way; streaming worked just fine while we watched the local news while eating breakfast, but when the baby asked to watch her show, the green fuzzy screen began. The restart described above resolved the issue.
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+++, it worked!
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Thank you!
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Great work!
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I’m grateful. My child recently started watching television and freaked out because the screen was green! We completed this and are now ready to depart. Phew! You came to the rescue.
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Fastest way to reboot via the remote: Home button, Up, OK (Settings), Up, OK (System), Down x3, OK (Power), Up, OK (System restart), OK (Restart).
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Thank you it worked. My husband isn’t here to fix it and it worked without calling him, I was about to yell at my kid (what did you do): )
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My TCL Roku tv just started doing this green screen today. I’m going to try the suggested fixes
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It worked+
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Support advised unplugging the TV and pressing the On/Off switch for 20 seconds.
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I dont know, it worked for me
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contacting roku for help.
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unplugging is not a fix. a fix must be permanent i always face the same>

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