Netflix vs Amazon Prime: how to choose?

Updated: May 16, 2023
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Netflix vs Amazon Prime: how to choose?
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Our entertainment routine now includes streaming services as a common and widespread component, but with such a multitude of available platforms, picking the right one can be a haunting experience. Netflix and Amazon Prime are insanely sought-after movie platforms that provide users with an extensive collection of films and television programs, taking into account a whole range of exclusive video content that cannot be accessed on any other website.

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Netflix has an extensive collection of over 15,000 titles, including fan-favorite TV shows such as Narcos, The Crown, and Stranger Things, in addition to highly-praised movies such as The Irishman and Marriage Story. In addition to its vast collection, being a pioneer in designing deluxe content, Netflix has gained recognition for many of its acclaimed series like The Queen's Gambit

On the other hand, Amazon's notoriety has been on the rise in recent years thanks to its exclusive content. This includes widely famous shows like The Boys, which are part of Amazon Original Movies. Besides its entertainment options, owners of their members get additional perks such as early access to deals and other perks

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video supply a similar service, but they differ in pricing, user interface, and content library. The objective of this article is to aid you in selecting the ideal streaming service that meets your entertainment requirements by providing an in-depth comparison between them.

H2 Why do people compare Prime vs Netflix

Currently, Netflix and Amazon stand out as a pair of the most widely spread, prevalent broadcasting services. These platforms provide a broad selection of different sorts of movies and serials, taking into account exclusive content that is available to viewers worldwide. The reason why people compare them is that they are direct competitors in the streaming industry. With the expanding range of broadcasting options offered to consumers, it is essential to evaluate the characteristics, content, and cost of various online video platforms in order to choose the most suitable one for their requirements.

Analogizing Netflix vs Amazon assists people in understanding the similarities and differences between the two platforms, providing them with necessary information about which service to subscribe to. Both services have their particular positives and negatives, and comparing them can deliver valuable details. Eventually, the comparison between these two might help users decide which platform provides the best value for their money and offers the best viewing experience based on their preferences.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime

Prime Video vs Netflix: what is there for free?

New users can try out the services of both platforms prior to signing up, as they have free trial periods. Netflix provides a 30-day free trial, at the same time as Amazon offers a 7-day free period. During this time, people can access an unlimited number of films and serials online without any cost.

Amazon has an advantage over Netflix in terms of deals. Members of Amazon Prime are provided access to exclusive early access, discounts on products, and free shipping to deals. Similarly, it offers discounts on specific TV channels, such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz, which are attainable via Prime Channels service. These deals can greatly benefit their members who regularly make online purchases and desire to save money.

Unlike other providers, Netflix doesn't offer additional discounts or special deals on top of its regular pricing. However, Netflix's pricing is straightforward, presenting users with three different plans at diverse price ranges based on screen quantity and video quality. Additionally, Netflix may partner with other companies at times to provide promotional offers, such as bundling free subscriptions along with cell phone plans.

In summary, while both media services offer free trials, Amazon has an advantage in terms of offering additional deals. Regardless, Netflix's simple pricing model and occasional promotional deals may still be attractive to some users. Ultimately, the decision between these two depends on your personal preferences, streaming habits, and budget.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime

Prime Video vs. Netflix: general differences

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When it comes to specs and features, there are several similarities and differences between these two. Here are some of the key comparisons:

  1. Video quality: Both offer top-notch video broadcasting services, but their maximum resolutions vary. While Netflix provides a range of resolutions, including 4K Ultra HD, Prime Video's maximum resolution tops out at 1080p Full HD. Nonetheless, Amazon does offer some 4K Ultra HD content.
  2. Audio quality: Both platforms offer excellent audio quality with support for Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround sound.
  3. Simultaneous streams: The quantity of concurrent streams available on Netflix and Amazon depends on the subscription plan. With the first of them, the Basic plan suggests one streamline, whereas the Standard and Premium plans offer two and four streams, respectively. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video allows for a maximum of three simultaneous streams.
  4. User interface: Both platforms deliver a simple and instinctive interface to help users find and explore content. Netflix stands out for its personalized recommendations and user-friendly design, while Amazon's interface is comparatively busy but provides more in-depth information on individual titles.
  5. Content Library: In this area, both platforms comprise films and TV shows, but Netflix is widely acknowledged to have a more vast library, with a greater assortment of original content.
  6. Parental Controls: Both provide parental control options to aid parents in overseeing their kids' content consumption. Netflix's parental controls permit parents to establish a PIN for limiting access to specific material, whereas Prime ones enable parents to establish age restrictions for individual profiles.

To sum up, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are outstanding streaming platforms, with slight variations in their specifications and features. Netflix is renowned for its vast library, while Amazon Prime Video offers a chance to stream on numerous machines simultaneously. Ultimately, choosing between the two services depends on personal preferences, viewing habits, and budget.

How to choose what's better: Netflix or Amazon?

Choosing between them can be a tough decision. These tips are to help you decide:

  1. Consider your budget: Select the pricing plan that aligns with your budget, as both platforms have varying options available.
  2. Determine your streaming habits: A basic plan from either platform may be enough if you only watch a limited number of movies or TV shows every month. However, if you binge-watch frequently or have multiple users in your household, a higher-tier plan with more simultaneous streams may be necessary.
  3. Check out the content library: Take a look at the selection of shows and movies on each platform to determine which one has a greater number of titles that pique your interest, as each platform possesses a distinct content library.
  4. Look at the original content: Both platforms produce exclusive shows and movies, so if you're interested in original content, consider which platform has more titles that you want to watch.
  5. Consider additional benefits: If you are an avid online shopper, Amazon may sway your decision as it provides supplementary advantages like free shipping on
  6. Try the free trials: You can make use of the free trials available on both platforms to determine which one suits your preferences.
Netflix vs Amazon Prime

To sum up, your selection between Netflix and Amazon hinges on factors such as your budget, streaming patterns, available content, exclusive productions, extra perks, and individual tastes. Evaluate each platform based on these factors and try out their free trials to make the best decision for you.


Can I cancel my subscription to any of these two services anytime?

Yes, both platforms allow users to cancel their subscriptions at any time.

How often does Netflix update its content library?

Netflix adds and removes titles from its library every month, so users can expect a regular refresh of its content.

Can I download videos for offline access on Netflix vs Prime Video?

Everybody may download video content for offline access on both platforms.

Apart from streaming, are there any other benefits that Amazon provides?

Yes, Prime members acquire access to exclusive discounts on products, free shipping, and early access to deals on


Generally speaking, Netflix and Amazon Prime are two popular streaming services that have similarities as well as distinctive attributes. Although they both provide an extensive collection of movies and TV shows, there are variations between them in relation to user interfaces, expenses, supplementary perks, and content libraries. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on personal preferences, budget, and viewing habits.

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Netflix's content library is just unbeatable. They have everything I want to watch.
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Amazon Prime Video's integration with Twitch Prime is great for gamers like me😂
Amanda Smith
Invalid Date
I love Netflix's original movies. They always have something new and exciting to watch.😂👏
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Amazon Prime Video's exclusive deals on products and free shipping make it a no-brainer for me.
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What about other servoces?
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Netflix's pricing is straightforward, and I appreciate that.
James L.
Invalid Date
I love the discounts I get on select TV channels with Amazon Prime Video's Prime Video Channels service.
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Netflix's user interface is so user-friendly. It's easy to find what I want to watch 👏
Invalid Date
I love Amazon Prime Video's parental controls. It makes it easy to monitor my kids' viewing habits.
Baby Dreamer
Invalid Date
I just can't get enough of Netflix's original content. They have some of the best shows out there.
Melanie Williams
Invalid Date
I love how easy it is to download content to watch offline on both platforms.
Invalid Date
Amazon Prime Video has a great selection of Bollywood movies that I can't find on Netflix 🙂
Big Jenna
Invalid Date
I've used both platforms, and I have to say, Netflix has better recommendations for me based on my viewing history.👏👏
Invalid Date
Amazon Prime Video is the way to go. I love their original content and the additional benefits that come with an Amazon Prime membership.
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I prefer Netflix over Amazon Prime Video any day. They have a better selection of movies and TV shows. 😂

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