MiWAM account locked

MiWAM account locked

Updated: February 8, 2023

Unemployment accounts should not be locked out, but this problem often exists. Many people do not even know what to do in such a situation. There aren’t many options, but let’s look at how we can solve this problem and get everything back to the way it was.

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Causes of MiWAM account lock

1. It is blocking accounts at the company’s initiative. If there are suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing, the system has the right to take one of the following actions:

  • refusal to perform a questionable monetary operation;
  • freezing (locked it) the funds on the client’s profile platforms;
  • suspension of processes.

2. There are times when you haven’t logged in or used an account for a long time, and they may have an unemployment account locked because they think you’re not using your assets in the platforms.

3. There is a possibility that you may have been asked to provide some documents. If you don’t send them, the user’s MiWAM account locked.

4. This can only happen to people who owe alimony or have overdue loans. Then, execution proceedings are opened on the application of the claimant — the one to whom the money is owed. It is based on this document that the bailiff begins to act.

The debtor is given time to return the existing debts voluntarily. If a person ignores this instruction, his account can be “frozen”, and a foreclosure is first applied to money, including non-cash. And only then to property and valuables.

5. The court decision doesn’t seize the account, but a certain amount owed. When the right amount is in the account, it is written off. If there is not enough money, the account will be frozen. All incoming payments will be redirected to the recovered.

How to unlock IDES accountMiWAM account locked

If an enforcement officer has seized an account with funds, you must contact the authorities, providing documentary evidence that your current account is used solely to receive earmarked payments. This may be an accounting statement from your place of employment. If the bailiff then fails to release the funds, you have the right to appeal to the court against the order to seize the funds issued by a public or private bailiff. You can’t unlock IDES account right away. Mostly you have to wait half an hour to get opened, but it doesn’t always work. You can e-mail them with questions about locking it or call the phone number

How quickly the problem will be solved it’s hard to say, and you just have to wait if you have already followed all the steps described below. The system has the right to suspend the transfer or payment and MiWAM the account locked if the transaction looks suspicious. Later, the bank will try to contact you to find out if you are sending the money or if fraudsters are doing it.

System managers will either call the phone number you specified in the contract or send a text message, e-mail, or push notification with a request to call back the hotline. The method is defined in your contract in platforms.

Account issuesMiWAM account locked

Maybe your account used one of your relatives and did something wrong, and it is better to clarify this point. Check all the documents you sent or not. This is very important because the service can ask for specific and better to do it immediately, so there would not be such a locked it off the account.

When you talk to the representative, he may ask you additional questions. For example, ask where you last used the account and how much you paid. In addition, many people ask for a code word to verify your identity, like the one you used when you signed the contract.

If you confirm your identity and your payment, the system will unblock your account and make the transaction or ask you to repeat it.

If it turns out to be a fraud, the transaction will be canceled. The account will be permanently locked because the transaction details are already known to the fraudsters. The bank will offer to reissue my unemployment card is locked.

Color photosMiWAM account locked

Remember that this service asks for documents in color only for verification. No one will tell you that their MiWAM account locked you because of this, but you should know this. All papers must be of good quality, so you can read and understand everything. This kind of blocking is not long, but again, it is better to do everything at once so that such a problem does not occur.

Steps to fix the issue 

To fix the locked out of unemployment account Mi:

  1. Check the accuracy of your documents, whether you have sent them all, and whether they are in color format and of good quality.
  2. Write to the e-mail address listed on the official website, describe all your issues, and you will be contacted in the next few days.
  3. Ask your relatives if they know anything and if someone did something without your knowledge.
  4. Wait half an hour from the moment of locked it, as it can be just a trivial error.
  5. Remember if you have any debts that may have been taken away?
  6. Call the phone number on a weekday and ask what caused this situation. They should explain to you what could have led to the locked it.


The other method to solve this problem is to contact MiWAM. All the contacts you can call are on the official page, by calling, you can get the latest and valid information. But it is not always that easy, and you may not get an answer for a long time. You should wait or use other methods if you do not have enough time to wait for the reasons why the deo account temporarily locked.


You can find technical support on the site if the unemployment account still locked. They will give you the most comprehensive answer and try to help you or tell you what to do in this case. You can be sure that the account will be unblocked, but you need enough time to do this. It is necessary to start from the beginning what was the reason for the MiWAM account locked.


What happens if I upload black-and-white photos?

If you sent black and white pictures, they might block you temporarily until you send the normal color documents you need.

How do I unlock my MiWAM account if it is a matter of fraudsters?

If an employee informs you about a suspicious transaction, it is better to thank and tell them that you will call back in a minute. Scammers have learned how to spoof official phone numbers. Therefore, it is worth dialing the hotline number yourself. A few minutes will not solve anything.

What is the term for which the transaction and card will be blocked?

Blocking a suspicious transaction and my unemployment card is locked valid for a maximum of two days. Even if someone tries to make a transfer from your account, blocking means that the system has suspended the operation, and your money is safe.


You should be patient and address the issue as soon as possible. It is best to address it all at once in all the ways that are available. Because the chance that your account will be dealt with is much higher than if you wait for them to call or write to you. Try to understand the reason your MiWAM account is currently locked. Remember, maybe you pressed or sent something wrong. There can be many reasons, and there is no need to get upset, as all your funds will remain in the account. Your account will be unlocked sooner or later. You just need time and action. In most cases, the credit card unlocks ides account itself — either at midnight exactly or 24 hours after MiWAM account locked.

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