Optimum remote codes

Updated: May 23, 2023
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Optimum remote codes
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Optimum is one of the biggest TV providers in the United States. There is a high chance that you will find out Optimum is the main service provider in your area. So you may ask yourself about optimum remote tv codes and how to program your device correctly.

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Program your remote

You can easily sync a remote with the TV. Here is your instruction:

  1. Launch the TV and point a remote to it.
  2. Hold the TV and SEL keys on the remote until you see blinking LED lists.
  3. Enter the Optimum TV code from the list below. If the code is working, the LED light will turn down.
  4. Test the connection by pressing the Power. If the device switches down, you sync the TV and the remote.

Once you’ve done this, you can operate this remote with synced TV. You can run it only with this device. Another common way is to use digit Optimum codes. Here is your guide:

  1. Identify the TV’s brand and turn it on.
  2. Take the remote. Hold the TV key and number key linked to the TV’s brand. Hold them for 3 seconds and wait for 5-10 secs.
  3. Once you witness a blue light, hold the TV key on a remote. Unleash the key when the TV switches off.
  4. Push the TV button to demonstrate that the programming operation is done correctly.

If you want to reprogram (reboot) it to another TV, stick to the next Optimum controller codes:

  1. Simultaneously hold both the 7 and 9 keys on the remote.
  2. When you see blinking lights, release the keys. It signalizes that the remote is unpaired from the TV.
Optimum Remote Codes

You may need different optimum codes for TV: it depends on the connectivity method that you are using. If you have a relatively old remote and TV, you may use the first technique. In this way, here are the most common Optimum control remote TV codes:

  • Acer — 3851, 3651;
  • Daewoo — 3981, 0101;
  • Digistar — 3801, 0861;
  • Dell — 2701, 0001;
  • Element — 0541, 1631;
  • Haier — 0151, 0861;
  • Insignia — 0471, 2311;
  • Magnavox — 1871, 2491, 4031;
  • Samsung — 3071, 0051;
  • Sharp — 0051, 0261.

If you have a more modern TV and remote, where you need just to hold two keys simultaneously, use those Optimum codes:

  • Insignia — 1;
  • LG — 2;
  • Panasonic — 3;
  • Philips/Magnavox — 4;
  • Samsung — 5;
  • Sanyo — 6;
  • Sharp — 7;
  • Sony — 8;
  • Toshiba — 9;
  • Vizio — 0.


How to use Optimum codes for TV?

It depends on the method that you are using. If you have an older TV, you may select an old 4-digit way to program a remote. If you have a modern TV, you can easily program it with an easy 2-key combo.

What are the Optimum remote program codes for Magnavox?

It depends on what TV you are using. If it’s an old device, use 4-digit codes such as 2491, 1871, or 4031. If you have a modern device, simply hold the TV and the number 4 buttons simultaneously.

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Mason J.
May 17, 2023
I recently switched to Optimum and was struggling with the remote codes. But thanks to Optimum Remote Codes, I was able to program my remote quickly and effortlessly. It saved me so much time and hassle!
May 12, 2023
It works like magic 🧙‍♂️
May 07, 2023
The codes provided by Optimum Remote Codes didn't work for my TV.
May 03, 2023
Can Optimum Remote Codes be used for programming other devices besides TVs?
April 28, 2023
I haven't had a chance to try Optimum Remote Codes yet, but it looks promising.
April 23, 2023
The website for Optimum Remote Codes is confusing and difficult to navigate. It took me forever to find the codes for my TV brand.
Samantha Collins
April 19, 2023
🤗 I am grateful for Optimum Remote Codes! You guys rock! 🎉

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