Insignia TV remote codes

Updated: April 21, 2023
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Insignia TV remote codes
by Chris Wolker
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Like others, the Insignia TV has a remote control in the package. It works impeccably well. However, if you take a remote from another brand, it will work after some calibrations. For this purpose, you will need the Insignia universal remote codes.

Before we start

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Move through this post to learn how to program your control in any combination of manufacturers and models. Howly tech team prepared it for your convenience. If any difficulty arises, contact Howly specialists in chat. They are ready to help with the most difficult cases and are accessible 24/7.

Let’s start programming your control.

Why do we need

Insignia TV remote codes

The Insignia TV supports numerous universal remote codes. The codes with tree digits may not work with all the models. However, there is a tip to add a zero in front of it. In most cases, it helps.

Furthermore, if you program, remote codes can control numerous functions like channels, devices, etc.

Even though the remote controls and devices are specific to the product lines, many universal remotes mimic the major brand devices. So you can program them as you intend to.

Besides, Insignia TV remote controls can be applied to specialized devices. It means they are not universal. Go to the Set and Mode settings to check whether your remote goes to different devices. If not, you may need a new one to use Insignia TV codes for remote access.

How to enter

We gathered a list of codes on this page for you to start programming at once. But first, learn a brief step-by-step method to use your specialized remote with Insignia TV codes. Do as follows:

  1. Switch on your Insignia TV.
  2. Take a remote and press Setup, and wait.
  3. The LED must turn red to proceed. Then hit the TV button on your remote.
  4. Type a chosen code on the keyboard of your remote. When the LED light switches off, it indicates that the code is correctly understood.
  5. Aim for the TV screen and press Power. The TV must switch off if it doesn’t, try another code. If all the codes don’t go well, the problem may be with the hardware. Contact the manufacturer.
  6. Switch on your TV again and try the buttons. They must work now to use the TV.

Universal remote codes for Insignia TV

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Try these the most common Insignia remote codes. Text the Howly support if something goes wrong, and we will gladly help.

All In One

  • 0150
  • 0091
  • 0133
  • 0029
  • 0103
  • 0116

4-digit universal codes

  • 0103
  • 0189
  • 0217
  • 0135
  • 0133
  • 0116
  • 0167
  • 0456
  • 0029


The Insignia TV codes don’t work. What should I do?

Reset the remote and reprogram it with the correct code. If that doesn't work, double-check that the batteries are properly inserted and are not dead. You can also try moving closer to the television and removing any obstacles on the sensor’s way.

Can the Insignia TV codes for remote work with other TVs?

You can use it with other devices after some calibrations. Find the proper code and follow the procedure described above.

How to reset a remote?

Here's how to restore factory settings to your universal remote:

  1. Power it on.
  2. Hit and keep pressing the Setup button.
  3. As soon as the LED goes red, free the Setup button. The light must be on.
  4. Hit the Mute and then Zero buttons.
  5. The LED must flash twice. Only then proceed using.


This post includes everything you need to know for setting up your Insignia TV codes for RCA universal remote. Remember to test each code carefully and deliberately to avoid pressing the wrong button. Also, it’s convenient to write down the necessary code, so you have it handy the next time you need it.

We'd like to assist you if you're still having trouble locating a code. Contact Howly support whenever you need it 24/7, and we'll work on getting you an answer.

Howly expert is ready to help you with your TV problem


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