Activision ban appeal — how to do it?

Updated: May 08, 2023
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Activision ban appeal — how to do it?
by Mykola Hezhoian
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If you saw that your account was banned, don't worry. You can get your account back. But it's important to know the ways that you can do it. The Howly team has prepared an article that describes the best options to help you get your account back. Keep the article for yourself so you'll always have useful insights at your fingertips.

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Why do I have an Activision ban?

Usually, the reasons for suspending an account are individual for each user. But often you can get a ban for violating the main rules:

  • You used third-party software while playing the game. So the system decides that you want to cheat and will block you.
  • If you're trying to spoof using Spoofing, you're breaking community rules.
  • If you commit minor infractions very often or repeat the same infraction several times after warnings, the account can be suspended.
  • If you find bugs within the program and use them to your advantage, you may get banned.
  • If you use griefing and other players catch you in it, you can't avoid the ban.

How to appeal a ban Activision — 2 handy ways

Activision support ban appeal with the support team

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The most effective and reliable way to help you remove the blocked account is to UNKNOWN TAG — ins. Here are the instructions that will help you:

  1. First, you should go to the support page.
  2. Now you need to log in to the account that was suspended. In the pop-up window, click "Agree."
  3. Now in the window that pops up, you need to enter all the account information that will be required. You will also have a field where you can describe the situation. In the end, you should confirm and send it.
Activision ban appeal — how to do it?

Appeal a ban Activision with Twitter

Do not underestimate the power of social media. Many users use them to unblock their accounts. The whole point is very simple: you have to make a post about your account being suspended and mark the official Activision account. In the post, you should describe the whole situation and the details of the blocking. The support staff will see your post and contact you to solve the problem. This option is great for you if your social media account is recognizable and popular. You can also try this method if the previous one didn't work.

How to contact the Support Team?

The first thing you need to do to the Activision account ban appeal is to contact support. There are several ways to contact the team and get help with account suspension. Choose the one that is convenient for you:

  • The easiest way is to contact them through the UNKNOWN TAG — ins. Here you can select the game with which you have a problem and describe everything in the special boxes.
  • You can also contact the support team using your email address. Describe your problem in an email and send it to this address:
  • Another way to contact the support team is through a contact phone number. Call +1 310 255 2000 to contact members of the Activision team.


Why does my account have Activision ban status?

If you see that your account has been suspended, you probably violated community rules. For example, you cheated or tried to hide your identity. For a full list of rules that lead to a ban, see this article above.

How can I appeal the ban?

To unlock your account, you need to contact service support. You can do this in any convenient way: go to the support page, call, write an email, or make a post on social networks.


Now you know all about how to make an Activision appeal ban. The main thing you need to do is to contact support. The article describes all the convenient and available methods to do this. The team members will help you to remove the blocking from the account.

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Very cool! I loved these tips. Thank you so much for making all the instructions in one place.
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My friend got blocked for nothing! This is outrageous! Thanks for your article, at least we were able to make an appeal. And it worked! He got his account back yesterday.
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Interesting article, thank you. I've been a gamer for years, but so far my account hasn't been suspended. But I'm saving the article just in case.
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My call of duty account was blocked. Found your article and filed an appeal according to the instructions. Now I'm waiting for the result.

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