How to use Apple Wallet

Updated: March 20, 2023
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How to use Apple Wallet
by Chris Wolker
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85% of all offline and online stores in the USA accept Apple Pay, and the number is rising. Since 2015, when Apple Wallet originally debuted, the features have been limited. It coped with tickets, coupons, and so on. Nowadays, Apple Wallet functionality is far more enriched.

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The Wallet app has digital copies of credit and other bank cards, some IDs, and even digital keys for your smart home and car. Moreover, you may even add your medical records there, like COVID-19 immunization cards and car insurance policies.

The best thing about Apple Wallet is its simplicity and security. The data is highly protected. At the same time, users adore Apple Wallet for its enhanced user experience.

Howly tech specialists prepared this article for those who want to join those who can’t live without Apple Wallet. Comment on this article below, or contact us 24/7 with technical questions or needs. So let's get down to how to use Wallet on iPhone.

How to set up Apple Wallet

How to use Apple Wallet

To get Apple Pay, first launch Wallet on a compatible Apple smartphone. Go to Settings on your iPhone and enable Apple Pay. Alternatively, you can do this in the Wallet app.

That’s it; now you know how to open Wallet on iPhone.

How to access the Wallet app instantly

How to use Apple Wallet

You can get an instant connection to your Apple Wallet with two clicks on the side button. If the validation by Touch or Face ID fails, the phone will lock the access. Follow the instructions for setting up.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Open Wallet & Apple Pay.
  3. Enable the Double-Click Side Button switch.

The Wallet will appear, and you can use an added credit or debit card for purchases. Remember, the transactions request the verification with Touch or Face ID, whichever is supported.

How to add card to Wallet

How to use Apple Wallet

Setting bank cards is straightforward. You only need to do as follows:

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  1. Go to the Wallet app.
  2. At the corner of the screen, click the "+" button.
  3. Push the  Debit or Credit Card option.
  4. Scan the details of your card or input the data. Verify them.
  5. Agree on the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Select your default card.

But remember, not every card goes along with Apple Pay. Advise your bank if it's not a major bank or payment system.


What kinds of cards can be set up in Apple Wallet?

Tickets, bank cards, tickets, etc. It depends on your location and the accessibility in your area. Specific public transportation systems, for example, may not be compatible with Apple Wallet, and some store cards may not have a digital version.

How can I add a card to Apple Wallet?

Scan the card information using the built-in camera, or manually enter the card data. Launch the app, touch the "+" button, and then do as it’s told in the app.

Is Apple Wallet safe to use?

Apple Wallet keeps your personal and financial information safe. The data in the app is encrypted and securely stored on your device. Furthermore, before a transaction completed, Apple Wallet needs identification, which helps prevent illegal use.


Apple Wallet is a simple and secure method to manage payment cards, tickets, and other vital information on your iPhone or Apple Watch, as Apple Pay Wallet setup is very easy.

You can buy things, access information, and gain loyalty benefits and discounts with just a few clicks. You can simplify your digital life using Apple Wallet and eliminate the need for physical cards and paper tickets.

Furthermore, with its enhanced security, like encrypting and additional validation, your personal and financial data is secure.

If we haven't convinced you, contact our tech team. We will answer your questions and concerns about current payment methods.

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May 19, 2023
Apple Pay is allowed almost everywhere! Nice!
May 14, 2023
No more digging through my purse for my cards!)))
May 08, 2023
Good idea. Thanks!
May 03, 2023
It is so easy to switch between payment cards. Sometimes II need to use a specific card and it saves my time.
April 29, 2023
I have been using Apple Wallet from a start. It’s getting better and better with time!
April 25, 2023
And I add my boarding pass to Apple Wallet and have it automatically update with gate and flight information. Amazing!
April 20, 2023
I see all my recent transactions and balances in one place, and that’s wonderful!
April 15, 2023
Nice work!
April 10, 2023
April 05, 2023
I had trouble adding my loyalty card to Apple Wallet, but after contacting customer support, they were able to walk me through the process. You saved me!
April 01, 2023
I'm so glad that Apple Wallet works with so many payment systems. I use rare banks as I’m not a US citizen. High score!
March 29, 2023
First, I was a little hesitant to add my credit card to Apple Wallet, but I feel much safer using it now.
March 26, 2023
I’m dependable on my apple wallet now. I can’t refuse it.
March 23, 2023
Apple Wallet is so convenient for those times when I forget my wallet or don't want to carry it around+++
Beckky Schmidt
March 20, 2023
I'm excited to try adding my transit pass and loyalty cards!

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