How to Solve Roku Connection Issues

Updated: February 23, 2023
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How to Solve Roku Connection Issues
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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Our universal instruction will help you deal with the Roku system without difficulties and in a matter of a short time. There are two types of platforms for such a service, but Roku connectivity problems can occur with both of them. Often the problem is with the Roku network.

Before we start

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Common issues

First of all, you need to find the source of the problem. It can either be an outdated TV that does not support the system or Roku internet connection problems. Not all TVs support the Roku modem. If you plan to buy a TV, choose a device that already contains the Roku operating system. Thus, you will immediately get rid of problems with connecting modem cables to the TV.

The next issue is a malfunctioning wireless router. First of all, you should check your Wi-Fi router. If it has started to disconnect from your Roku system regularly, you should replace it. The best solution is to replace your current router with a dual-band model.

The last and most common problem is that Roku TV can’t connect to Wi-Fi. We will pay more attention to this problem and decide how to solve Roku Wi-Fi issues.

What to check first

Roku connectivity problems may arise due to the quality of the technique itself. Start by inspecting the system's control panel. The remote control must be in good condition, and the batteries must be charged (if not - just change the batteries to new ones). Note that without remote control, it is impossible to test the operation of the Roku system.

Common Roku issues

It is also worth checking all the devices that influence the functioning of the Roku system. They include your router and TV. Then examine the HDMI cable that connects the device to the TV. If you haven’t found any problems with your devices and cables, check the network settings and Internet speed.

Potentially, this check-up may help you answer the question, "Why does my Roku say that it’s not connected"?

Other options

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  1. The location of the modem and the Roku system. If you want the devices to interact better, place them closer to each other. If you cannot do this for objective reasons, then try to make sure that there are no other devices or any other obstacles between them that reduce the signal strength. Roku wireless connection issues are usually solved in this way.
  2. Problems with antennas. You should pay attention to the antennas of the router. Are they intact, or is something wrong with them?
  3. Wireless issues. If your Roku system connects wirelessly, try purchasing a wire to connect it to your TV.
  4. Outdated router. If your router is over 3 years old and has been running continuously, buy a new one if possible.
  5. Problem with access. The network connection problem may also be that your network is denied access. You need to recheck the password you entered.

Step-by-step guide

Network connection

Network connection

If you are unable to watch videos through the Roku system, then the problem may be a slow internet connection. This is one of the Roku wireless issues. Contact your provider and find out about the internet speed for your address.

Next, you should check the internet connection manually. To do this, you need to go to the settings and review all the data about connecting to the internet. The frequency of the signal, its strength, and type should be indicated there. If these cells are empty, you need to follow the instructions from a specialist or set them up yourself. Remember that Howly experts are always ready to help you fix any issue you face.

All the data about connecting to the internet can also be found on your provider's website. If there are no Roku internet problems, proceed to the next steps.

Wi-Fi problems

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Roku Wi-Fi problems may be that the router is too far from the Roku installation. It is advisable to place the router closer to the TV with the Roku device. When changing the location of the modem, it is also important to monitor the signal strength.

Wi-Fi problems

The error can also be due to a violation of the configuration. To do this, turn off the modem and wait 60 seconds. Then connect it to power again. This action will help the router restart the process of sharing the network between all connected devices. After these steps, you will understand how to fix a Roku TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Ethernet issues

The problem with the Ethernet connection may be that the cable itself is not connected correctly. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the Ethernet issues:

  1. Replace the cable with a new one if the cable is damaged. It is worth checking the cable connection to the device.
  2. Use the automatic troubleshooting feature. After the analysis, you will be presented with 1 or more options for connection problems.
  3. Check if you have disabled the VPN connection.
  4. Try to update the network driver: find its name in the list and click the "update driver" button. If Roku doesn’t connect to the internet after updating, scan your device for malware.

System reboot

Sometimes all you need to do is restart Roku's system. We recommend doing this through the "Restart" button in the device menu. If the system does not respond, then you should turn off Roku using the Power buttons. After that, turn on the system and the device to which it is connected.

System reboot

You can also completely reboot Roku's system. After a long press on the Reset button, the device will eliminate all previously configured characteristics. Be prepared for the fact that all the data will have to be filled in again. While factory resets are rare Roku connectivity issues, they do happen.

Other questions

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Due to an outdated Roku device, you may not receive updates. Roku wireless problems can also occur because your system is obsolete. If your device is more than 5 years old, we advise you to purchase a new one.

It is not necessary to use a router to connect Roku to the internet. An Ethernet cable that provides the internet directly to the device will eliminate the need for modem repairs.

Support service

For any questions about your Roku device, you can contact the official support. Experts will help you solve Roku connectivity issues. To troubleshoot the Roku internet connection, you need to specify the name of your system, router and report the data specified in the settings. If you do not understand how the device works, you can find this information in the support center. You can visit or contact the support by phone.

The main site for getting Roku support is Select the name of the system model in the layout. Then you can get help either online or by phone from the operator.

If your Roku doesn't connect to Wi-Fi, you can contact a specialist from the router company. They will help you to eliminate technical problems on your own or schedule a visit for you. To get quick help from a specialist, make sure that all your devices are working properly and the software is up-to-date.


To fix Roku not connecting to the internet, you need to have basic technical knowledge. This task will be greatly simplified for you by our step-by-step instructions. Pay attention to several factors: the state of all devices and the availability of system updates. Sometimes the problem lies in the lack of internet from the provider or its non-payment.

To fix a Roku TV that doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, deal directly with the modem or connect wired internet to Roku. This will help improve the signal quality.


The Roku system is a fairly easy device to use, but some problems may arise. For example, you cannot connect to the internet from a TV. In our instructions, we have analyzed how to fix Roku not connecting to the internet.

Network connection, Wi-Fi problems, Ethernet issues, system reboots, options, and other questions may occur when trying to connect to the Roku system. Among others, we highlight those that are mainly related to the physical state of the modem. Determine the type of problem and follow our instructions for Roku wireless troubleshooting.

We recommend following the order given in our article. First, analyze whether you are connected to the internet. Only after that, reboot the devices or reset the settings to the basic ones. To fix a Roku TV that won’t connect to Wi-Fi, you can either contact your router company operator or Roku support. And of course, you can always contact Howly. Our experts work 24/7 to solve any technical issues you have.

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